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Singapore - anyone been?

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Hulababy Tue 16-Jun-09 14:35:36

Has anyone been to Singapore for a holiday? What is it like? Would you reccommend it and why?

Just looking at ideas for October half term and this came up recently. Would be me, Dh adnd 7y DD.


Sadiesmum Tue 16-Jun-09 17:02:01

I lived in Singapore for years and go back every year or two and absolutely love it. Loads to do for families, really safe, really clean, GREAT food, but I would say that it is a long way to go for half term as it can take a day or two to get over the jet lag at either end. I wouldn't consider going for less than a couple of weeks. Could you go in the summer or at Christmas time?

Geekylass Tue 16-Jun-09 17:31:51

Singapore is shiok lah! Very clean, very safe - FGS don't drop any litter or jaywalk tho smile Make sure you do the night safari at the zoo and visit Jurong bird park, your daughter will love it. And visit Sentosa island, and eat at the hawker centres - there's a really good one at Newton. Actually, there's sooo many things to do I can't list them all. If you have time to take a wee trip up to Johor Bahru in Malaysia there's some great shopping and eating places there too.

Everything a tourist would want is affordable, so shopping is great (the shops don't close until around 10 at night) and the public transport is amazingly good, use the MRT to get around. People are very friendly and happy to help out a tourist, and the children are very well behaved, no asbos needed there. As Sadiesmum said tho, I'm not sure that half term would be enough time for you, as you will be jet-lagged, and wont get to see most of it. But do go, you wont regret it!

Disclaimer: despite appearances to the contrary, I do not work for the Singapore Tourist Board! Just have family there and love love love the place smile

Hulababy Tue 16-Jun-09 19:31:04

Already going away in the summer and don't have time over Christmas.

Really want somewhere for October half term. What is the time difference like re the jet lag? Is it really bad?

What is the weather like?

Hulababy Tue 16-Jun-09 19:32:41

Hmmm - 7 hours. NY and Flroida are 5. Does the extra 2 hours make a big difference do you think?

angel1976 Tue 16-Jun-09 20:25:06

I'm from Singapore and it's fantastic for children! PM me if you want any 'insider' tips if you do decide to go. Your DD is the right age to enjoy lots of it too - Geekylass has got it spot on - the zoo, night safari, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa are all must dos. Orchard Road to do some fantastic shopping! There are some great offers from Singapore Airlines at the moment - £300 per person inclusive of taxes and they are the best airlines ever! They fly direct and given the limited time you have, that's what I would opt for, it's not worth saving a bit to have to do a stopover in Malaysia or Thailand (you will usually have to do this if you fly Thai Airways or Malaysian Arlines). We usually pay about £500.

In terms of flight, I would advise for you to do a night flight if you can. That way you can get some kip before you get there. The weather in Singapore is tropical so very hot and humid (but most places are air-conditioned). Even if it rains, it's tropical rain (usually really heavy rain for an hour or so and it stops and makes the whole place cooler!) so I wouldn't worry! Enjoy if you do decide to go... DH and I are thinking of booking a trip for early next year with the deals that are going on at the moment... wink

angel1976 Tue 16-Jun-09 20:25:58

Temperature wise is about 30+ degrees most days. 'Cool' days are considered high 20s. Doesn't hit 40 I don't think...

SomeGuy Wed 17-Jun-09 12:33:41

It's quite a long way for half-term. The £300 flights deal at the moment on Singapore Airlines is selling out VERY quickly. Only Tuesday 27th October available in half term now.

If you book with them you can do the 'stopover holiday' deal which includes free entry to the bird park, orchid park, sentosa, zoo, etc, provided you buy a hotel (which is subsidies through them).

Try to book on the A380.

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 17-Jun-09 12:41:18

Don't take any chewing gum grin

I went with DS when he was 7 months - fab just fab. Fantastic hotel definitely added to it (Shangri La - DH was there with work).

If you can cope with the distance for just a week, go for it. And then eat chilli crab at teh Hawker stalls - do take some baby wipes!

procrastinatingparent Wed 17-Jun-09 12:50:57

I grew up there, and it is very family friendly and safe, although quite a long way. It is hot and humid, and although most places are air-conditioned obviously you'll want to do lots of things outside so if any of you are very heat-sensitive it may not be the best place for an energetic break.

ninedragons Wed 17-Jun-09 12:57:12

Singapore is the perfect family holiday destination. I didn't like it until I got pregnant, and then the lightbulb went on in my head and I thought maaaaannn, I get it now, this place is fantastic!

Hulababy Wed 17-Jun-09 13:03:36

Thanks all; it all sounds wonderful. The flight is about 11-12 hours, is that right? And time difference 7 hours?

Might see my headteacher and see about moving some hours about to give me Monday and Friday free to play around with. I already know that DD's school would have no problem with her missing one of these days if necessary.

Or look at it for another time perhaps??? Can't do next year easily as have to go to las Vegas in May half term already.

ninedragons Wed 17-Jun-09 13:11:18

Hong Kong is another brilliant option if you're looking in that neck of the woods. I am biased (lived there for seven years) but I do think HK has the edge on SG in terms of vibrancy and things to do.

muggglewump Wed 17-Jun-09 13:22:55

I went pre DD and loved it. I'd go back in a second and I know DD would love it too.
I'd kill to go to the Grand Prix there.

I often dream of living there, I have adored everywhere I've been in SE Asia and Singapore is bang in the middle.

<Mugggle waits for lotto wingrin>

angel1976 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:07:20

mugglewump - Can I make you jealous and tell you DH and I were at the first Grand Prix there last year? We had front row tickets (not the top range, the kind of next ones down...) and DH and a friend even managed to sneak into the pit lane stands during qualifying! hmm It was fantastic! I would definitely recommend it...

Been to HK as well and love it but wouldn't recommend it for little one. Very, very busy, people EVERYWHERE and just a lot more crowded and frantic than Singapore. Have fun if you do go. I wanna go too!

muggglewump Wed 17-Jun-09 23:22:53

Well clearly I hate you, no really , I do.grin <---- gritted teeth grin.

S'not fair, I want to go <whines in manner of DD>

angel1976 Thu 18-Jun-09 08:43:10

mugglewump - Don't hate me, I promise I will take you next time we go!

<Makes plan to buy biggest suitcase to hide mugglewump in>

singersgirl Thu 18-Jun-09 09:02:34

We go to Malaysia frequently for the February half-term, and leave on Friday night, come back to get in on Sunday morning. We find the jet lag is fine though you do feel a bit tired at first. Would agree with night flights.

We went back to Singapore with the children this Easter (lived there a few years ago) who are now 7 and 10, and they particularly enjoyed the water park at Pasir Ris (Wild Wild Wet - it isn't huge but midweek before schools get out there's no queueing), the Night Safari and zoo (there's a great children's play area with water area) and the luge on Sentosa (that was great fun!). We didn't do it this time but on rainy days the Science Centre used to be great and there are some good museums, as well as a dolphin show and aquarium on Sentosa. A trip down the river is fun and the Bird Park is excellent, though wear lots of insect repellent. We didn't go on the Singapore Flyer (big wheel thing) as we were told the queues were awful and it moved really slowly, so was dull for the children. The cable car to Sentosa is really enjoyable too. There's also Chinatown and Little India etc etc.

We always stay at The Sentosa Resort and Spa on Sentosa (formerly the Beaufort) which is very resort-y with a lovely pool and a fantastic restaurant, The Cliff. Sentosa is a building site at the moment, though, because of the casino/Universal Studios building project, but you don't notice it in the hotel.

I think you'd have a great time!

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