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Baby food on longhaul

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onewildnight Sun 07-Jun-09 12:34:42


We're going to Florida in 6 weeks with an 8 month old, can we take powdered food through security to make up on the flight?

Any other advice about travelling with a baby would be greatly appreciated.


mumoverseas Sun 07-Jun-09 13:34:43

Hi, yes no problem taking powdered food through security, assuming that they don't think it is drugs (you know how stupid some of these security people are!) When we recently flew with our baby, I bought a really good container from mothercare for powdered formula which you just measure the right amount into and it has 3 sections. You can then just tip the right amount into the bottle when making it up without having to worry about measuring it.

Recently I got a hard time about having the water measured out in bottles going through security and had to take the bottle empty so I just bought a bottle of mineral water airside and used that and it was fine.

Assuming your baby is now on solids, they sometimes get a bit anal about this. Some security people will allow you through with jars of baby food without having to open it but some are a bit more strict and make you open and taste it which means it only then keeps for a few hours. I'd take a jar or two and risk it hand luggage and then be prepared to buy some jars in boots once you get airside. I also take something like bananas which you don't get issues with at security.

Hope you have a fabulous time, am very jealous as we usually go to Florida in the summer but DH put his foot down this year sad

onewildnight Sun 07-Jun-09 15:53:10

Thanks, that's really useful

We're really looking forward as this is our first time to Florida

mumoverseas Mon 08-Jun-09 04:25:55

just thought of something else. On take off and landing (particularly landing) make sure you have a bottle to hand and try to give your little one a drink as the swallowing eases the pressure on their ears.

lulalullabye Mon 08-Jun-09 05:16:33

If you speak to the boots on the duty free side of the airport, they can reserve you ready made cartons of milk to take on the plane. Very easy and they do it all the time.

EightiesChick Thu 09-Jul-09 09:46:36

I am about to fly with Emirates and they have told me that they will make up powder formula for you on board but don't allow ready-made formula, or breastmilk in bottles. So might be worth checking that the liquid formula will be allowed (or did they mean that they wouldn't heat it, just thinking back?)

mumoverseas Thu 09-Jul-09 10:27:46

that is nonsense eighties chick, I flew 4 times with Emirates at Easter when DS was 2 months old and we took made up formula and cartons with no problems.
When DD now 2.5 was a baby she flew 16 times before she was a year old, all but two flights with Emirates and again no problems then.
I think perhaps they meant they wouldn't warm your formula/b/milk for you.

scienceteacher Fri 10-Jul-09 22:06:24

Be aware that you can't take fresh fruit into the US.

oldraver Fri 31-Jul-09 21:45:22

Yea the cabin crew confiscate it and scoffle it themselves

Charliebean Mon 03-Aug-09 22:30:48

We just got back from 3 weeks in Florida on Sunday (Had a really brilliant time). For the flight we took ready made cartons of formula milk for our DD. On the way out (from Gatwick)security said that they would randomly choose half of whatever amount we had taken and we would have to taste it. We had four cartons so I had to open and taste two. One I just gave to my DD straight away. The other one we just binned. Once through security I bought another couple of cartons from Boots to replace the two that we had to open so it really wasn't a problem. Coming home at Orlando airport the security were fine about the ready made cartons and let us take as many as we wanted on board no problem without tasting them. Hope that helps. We had a big luggage allowance and so packed lots of cartons in our cases to take with us for when we were out and about once we got there. Hope that helps and have a lovely time.

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