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New York was fantastic,and New Yorkers are so friendly :)

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Hulababy Mon 01-Jun-09 14:11:12

Incase anyone is considering going - definitely go.

We went for a week with Katz last week and it was amazing. Everything about it was fab. It was a busy hectic week away and we only got to do half of what we had planned - we will have to return some time to do the rest.

It is definitely child friendly (although I wouldn't want to have a baby in a pushchair on the subway). DD (7y) and Katz's DDs (6y and 3y) had a great time.

We stayed in a lovely town house right on the bay. The deck looked directly onto Jamaica Bay, with the bird sanctuary opposite, and with fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline. The sunset was stunning to watch. Manhattan was 45 minutes away by subway, which was a really easy journey and passed really quickly.

And the people were so friendly, probably the friendliest city I have been too. Not once did we get on the subway without having a seat. If it was busy almost immediately someone would offer their seats for us and the children, not wanting to take no for an answer. If someon saw us with a map book or guide out they asked if they could help. And we met a wonderful lady on the subway who helped us find the right track in a very busy station - by going out of her way and taking us there! And a number of times people suggested a better cafe or restaurant to us if the one we were looking at looked busy or they saw us trying to decide.

Thanks to all those who recommended places for us to visit whilst there.

Overall a fantastic place to visit - and it really is just like it is in the movies

Hassled Mon 01-Jun-09 14:14:50

I'm glad you had such a good time - we went to see my brother (who lives there) a couple of years ago and had similar experiences; people were so kind, patient and interested, the subway was no problem at all and we were muttering about moving there by the time we left .

katz Mon 01-Jun-09 15:27:15

Couldn't have put it better myself hula grin.

It was fantastic, we did so much and now need a week to recover from it.

Would really recommend the house we stayed and it worked well for the 2 familys, both couples got double beds and beds for the children.

Hassled - DH would love to move there and he has never said that about anywhere other than where we live now.

Sunshinemummy Mon 01-Jun-09 16:23:50

Agree re. the friendliness - it was a real shock to me the first time I went as I didn't expect it at all.

Hulababy Mon 01-Jun-09 18:33:49

We noticed the friendliness thing by the end of day 1. It was everywhere we went. Never noticed that in a big city before.

Sunshinemummy Tue 02-Jun-09 16:50:28

We got asked by one guy who was chatting to us "Would you be this friendly if we visited London?" We were like "No but we'd be terribly polite about it grin"

Hulababy Tue 02-Jun-09 19:40:14

lol; that's about right!

Kiwinyc Wed 03-Jun-09 15:12:04

Totally agree with you that New Yorkers get a bad rap, esp here in the UK. I lived there for 6 yrs and loved both the city and the people that live there.

Glad you had a good time!

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