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Has anyone flown with Thai airways recently?

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sunnydelight Fri 29-May-09 05:53:58

I've just booked to fly to the UK/Ireland from Australia in September. It will be my first time back in two years so I am vey excited! I booked Thai as they were miles cheaper than anyone else and used to have a good reputation but I've read bad things about old planes and crap inflight entertainment. Tbh, as I'm flying on my own I'm not as fussed as I would be if I had the kids in tow, but I was just wondering if anyeone here had flown with them recently, what was it like? Thanks.

Starmummy Tue 28-Jul-09 19:37:54

Last time I flew with them in April they were crap. Ds flew with them on a school trip in May and he didnt eat, there was no TV as they only have ceiling tv's and that one was broken.

Quite frankly not impressed. Dont mind not being impressed if my expectations are zero (all American airlines in general, IMHO) but Thai tout themselves as being wonderful. Complete pile of twaddle.

knotswapper Fri 31-Jul-09 05:01:48

Hi SunnyD. I flew with them a couple of weeks ago and they were great. I think the OZ->Thailand leg is better servriced than the Thailand-UK leg.

We had seat back tvs, lots of movies and games. Food was lovely, in real crockery!

Have a good trip smile

VFemme Fri 31-Jul-09 06:14:19

We used them shorthaul from Bangkok to Phuket and it was fab, especially coming off what was quite frankly a horrible BA flight from London. Plenty leg room and lovely food.

sunnydelight Tue 04-Aug-09 06:32:29

2 to 1 for so I'll hope for the best! I had heard no seat back tv which isn't a big deal tbh, I would expect pleasant service though (one of the reasons I will never fly BA longhaul again). Thanks for your replies - I'd given up at this point.

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