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Thailand and on our own for this Christmas

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littlestmummystop Tue 26-May-09 19:00:40

I am taking the plunge! Just me and DD 8. . . for Xmas this year.

I am flying into Bangkok and then hope to get a flight to Phuket.

Ideally I'd like to stay somewhere beautiful for Xmas eve, day and boxing day but also want to meet people enroute ( so have some adult company and kids to play with!)

Any suggestions of family type back packer and beach side bunglows places very welcome. . .

littlestmummystop Wed 27-May-09 16:41:21

bump! ?

lou33 Wed 27-May-09 16:47:46

nai yang on phuket is lovely and not clubby and family orientated, also 10 mins from the airport

bang tao is really nice too and a reasonable distance from the airport as well

nai yang has all price ranges re accommodation

nessus Thu 11-Jun-09 12:42:29

LMS, that is brill! I am also flying out with DD 8 (and a half) but in August. We are going for 3wks and also flying into BKK and then making our way about.

I used TripAdvisor & SAWADEE to plan the bulk of it and found both sites invaluable

We decided on Koh Samui & Koh Phangan for our beachside holiday as the weather is better there at that time of year (and some would argue that the beaches of KS is nicer but hey I am biased).

Have you considered Krabi over Phuket? It is beautiful and has a great vibe.

We are spending time in Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Samui & Phangan and of course Bangkok and we both cannot wait.

You two will love it!

rosbif Thu 11-Jun-09 12:59:03

Have a look at Le Meridien at Khao Lak - an hour north of Phuket or the Ramada Resort there too. Amazing

MaggieW Thu 11-Jun-09 13:20:30

Sorry to jump in on your thread lms but very interested in your plans Nessus as they're identical to mine with DD 6 and DS 7 - we're going for 16 days. I haven't got round to booking accomm yet, where do you recommend on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan as these are the places I'd identified for our beach hoilday too.. We're having a few days at start and finish in Bangkok and will do some trips from there.

nessus Thu 11-Jun-09 15:05:24

Hi MaggieW, I do hope OP doesn't mind me sharing further info in her thread but hopefully it might be of use to OP and others, including yourself.

We are having our few days top & tail in Bangkok @

At Koh Samui, we are staying in a couple of places so that we spend time in Lamai and Chaweng. We are staying at The Jungle Club and also Hathai. Your DC will adore The Jungle Club

In Koh Phangan, if you can, you simply MUST stay at the Blue Ocean Garden Hideaway Spa & Beach Resort - check it out, you won't be disappointed and instead of splashing out in Samui, do as we are by staying at mid-range places so that you can push the budget in Phangan.

Are you heading north whilst out there? DD is looking forward to seeing the Hill tribes and I just want to see how close to Burma I can claim I went lol

LMS if you do consider Krabi, I would recommend

MaggieW Thu 25-Jun-09 10:24:01

Nessus, I've just contacted the Blue Ocean but they don't have a rollaway bed so not sure I could do four nights in a bed with DS and DD, even if the beds are large! It looks fantastic and I'm so disappointed,but just wondered if there's anywhere else you'd recommend please?

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