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Washington USA

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serin Sat 23-May-09 01:11:38

We have been invited to spend time in Washington with relatives next year. Is there much to do for kids there?
Where to go and what to see?
Kids aged 11, 8 and 7.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 23-May-09 07:56:41

Lots of things for both adults and children to do there!. Its one of my favourite US cities.

Here's a good website to start off with:-

DadInsteadofMum Tue 26-May-09 13:21:23

DC or state?

Twirl Tue 26-May-09 15:18:25

If you mean Washington DC then I highly recommend a visit - it is a fab place to bring kids. Have a look at these websites to get you started:

dinkystinky Tue 26-May-09 15:35:10

Went there with DS1 twice last year - he was 2 and then 21/2. He loved it. The museums are fantastic, particularly the air and space one. You're not too far from Shenandoah national park there either - great for hiking and bear spotting.

scienceteacher Wed 27-May-09 18:00:47

Washington DC is great. Loads of American families go there, and it is a prime destination for school parties - definitely of interest to children.

The Smithsonian museums are free and really enjoyable for kids. There are plenty of hanging out places, eg the Mall.

Within a reasonable trek from Washington are many other attractions from American history or pop culture. You can even take the train to New York City and Philadelphia if you have time.

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 27-May-09 18:02:21

Seattle is great too grin

cookielove Wed 27-May-09 18:04:07

Washington dc's zoo is great, but if my memory serves me correctly it is basically a hill, but they had loads of water sprays which all the kids seemed to love

serin Sat 27-Jun-09 22:46:30

blush Sorry, I totally forgot to come back to this thread and say Thankyou.

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