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Where in the world shall we go?

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claraquack Thu 09-Apr-09 13:57:52

Hmmmm, with kids that age how about something totally different from what everyone else has suggested and go to Disneyworld, perhaps combine with a Caribbean holiday (there are some nice-looking child-friendly hotels in St Lucia)? And/or a child-friendly cruise?

Or to avoid jet-lag (I have flown quite a bit with my two (now aged 1 and 3) and the whole jet-lag thing is a bit of a pain) how about a child-friendly safari trip to South Africa?

Ok, having re-read your post not exactly what you wanted!

PomsMum Tue 07-Apr-09 16:53:25

Attila - thanks for the warning on the old hurricane front, always a good to know!

Before booking anywhere we'll research thoroughly, was really hoping that people would post with places that they've been to (with kids) and would recommend - more to open my eyes to places that we haven't considered.

We've both travelled fairly extensively in the past - just not since having kids.....

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 07-Apr-09 16:18:55

Out of your suggestions Mauritius is a no as it is their cyclone (hurricane) season from November till May.

India and Goa would also be out for me personally due to ongoing political instability.

Re Thailand people have had their flights disrupted this past year. The political situation there changes very quickly. Am not suggesting you don't travel there at all but you do need to research beforehand and be aware of what is happening.

Would also suggest reading tripadvisor as well as the Foreign Office travel advisory

EachPeachPearMum Tue 07-Apr-09 14:43:08

mugglewump envy
We went for 3 weeks, but it was pre-children- would go back any day though!
We didn't book accommodation- just turned up (was end of season- early sept) had no problems, though obv with children couldn't risk that.

Dozymare Tue 07-Apr-09 14:10:43

and kids clubs were included in the price of the holiday which is not the norm!

Dozymare Tue 07-Apr-09 14:09:40

it was about 8k all in but we really, really went for it (DH took a £300 fishing trip 3x and we stayed for 21 days).......we went on a bed, breakfast basis as you then get the flexibility to eat where you want, when you is much cheaper if you book direct.....

It didn't have to be that expensive, but like you, we had had a SHITE year and wanted to treat ouselves. Still paying for it now in fact, but worth every penny.

try this

Also whereever you end up going, make sure you check out as you get honest opinions on resorts!

muggglewump Tue 07-Apr-09 14:08:04

Although saying that, I did it on the cheap and didn't use kids clubs. I did however find there were tons of people desperate to get a cuddle with DD that it left me plenty of time to have a meal/drink/swim in peace!
We were there ten weeks and I'd go back in a heartbeat <sigh>

muggglewump Tue 07-Apr-09 14:05:14

I'd second Bali, or Lombok if you want a bit quieter.

I took DD to both when she was 1 and we had a fantstic time. They really couldn't do enough for us.

PomsMum Tue 07-Apr-09 14:02:20

Ahh wonderful suggestions already - thanks, but keep them coming.

Dozy - that looks amazing, was it mega bucks, I might be being a bit dim but I can't figure out how the costing bit of the website works - doh!?

Eachpeach - is there a hotel/resort in particular that you would recommend in Bali?

ninedragons Tue 07-Apr-09 13:08:59

Sri Lanka is divine.

EachPeachPearMum Tue 07-Apr-09 13:05:19

Bali- the Balinese love children, beaches are heavenly- white sand one side, black sand the other- weather great, watersports no problem- scuba, snorkel, windsurf, surfing etc- nice and small- could visit the whole island...

Dozymare Tue 07-Apr-09 13:04:14

cannot recommend highly enough

This place is AMAZING. We went last year and I had quite literally spent months looking for a family friendly resort that had a supervised kids club (a lot of places have kids clubs, but you need to stay with them, which defeats the object!)

OUr kids were 2 and 4 when we went and we had the best holiday ever - we didn't leave the island bar a couple of daytrips. We upgraded to a beach villa which was beautiful. Lots of diving, watersports, and you can always get a secluded part of the beach. Very robinson crusoe.

gillybeanie Tue 07-Apr-09 12:57:59

for a suggestion why not try Langkawi Malaysia, lovely place was there BC, but very child friendly from what i remeber (would have no problem taking my DC there are lots of things to do beautiful beaches and the people are lovely and food amazing
smilehappy holidayssmile

PomsMum Tue 07-Apr-09 10:49:33

Had a horrid year 2008, 2009 is looking better already and to celebrate that fact the family is going to take a REALLY good holiday.

Aiming for the end of the year 2009, the DC will be 3 & 5.

We want warm child friendly beach and sea, a kids club, some acitivities for us (snorkelling, windsurfing that kind of thing) and some chance of experiencing local culture.

Thinking Thailand or India (Goa maybe?), maybe Mauritius, or the Caribbean but open to other suggestions. Don't care how long the flight is - just need a bit of a treat. Destinations, hotel names any other info all welcomed. Thanks.

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