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Is it mad to go to Dubai in September - temperature wise?

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Tarantella Fri 10-Apr-09 20:20:46

Yes, Dubai is still very hot in September or at least we find it so when we return from the UK for the kids to start back at school! May be OK for astopover though if you are staying at a nice hotel with facilities pool etc Could get very burnt at Aquaventire or Wild Wadi if not careful.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 01-Apr-09 14:19:46

From a Dubai weather site:-

May to September marks the summer season in Dubai and are extremely hot with daytime temperatures rising to 40°C (which is over 100 degrees F). July and August are the hottest with an average temperature ranges between 43 degrees C and 85% humidity to 48°C and 95% humidity. The sea temperature is about 37°C.

MaggieW Wed 01-Apr-09 14:06:04

We have the opportunity to have a few days in Dubai on our way back to the UK from NZ, but having been in the "cool" season, which was v warm, I'm just wondering what the heat's like in early September - dry or sticky? DCs still talk about our last stopover there, the swimming pools and the camels, but that was in Feb. Can anyone advise please?

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