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Mauritius: La Residence or Belle Mare Plage?

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HolidaysQueen Wed 25-Mar-09 09:27:42

DH and I are thinking of going to Mauritius in Sept/Oct with our DS who will be 18mo. Trying to decide between La Residence (preference) or Belle Mare Plage (£500 cheaper!) and have a few qns about them:

1) What is there for us to do with DS? Just the beach and pool or are there other things as well? We don't want to leave him in a kids club (even if they would take him), but wondered if there are facilities like that which we could use with him.

2) What is there to do with a toddler if it rains?

3) What is the room like? Anywhere to put DS's cot where we won't disturb him if we're watching tv / having room service? There was a huge walk in closet in our hotel on hol in Nov which was bigger than his nursery so he slept there! Wondered if there is anything similar at these hotels, or if you would recommend an upgrade to suite or something bigger.

4) What is the food like half board? Do you get a good choice of restaurants or is it better to just do B&B and then have our pick of restaurants?

Thank you!!!

givemeaclue Fri 19-Oct-12 20:34:04

We have just booked for maritim, well balanced do you have any tips for when we are there?

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