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Help needed, we have 8 days in Florida. Wheres the best places to go?

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mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:04:05

Anyone got any advice.

We are going in just under 3 wks! (eek)

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:12:41

Oh and DDs(x3) want a water park to go to as well!

By the way DDs are 15, 11 and 9


MissHooliesclassmonitor Sun 22-Mar-09 22:15:07

Have you tried The Dibb? Really good website where you can post the same question and get loads of replies from Florida old hands!

giantkatestacks Sun 22-Mar-09 22:15:41

whereabouts in florida are you going? its quite big wink

Hulababy Sun 22-Mar-09 22:16:02

Whereabouts in Florida? It is a big place! Are you in Disney area or coast?

mrspnut Sun 22-Mar-09 22:18:06

My favourite places in Florida include St Armands Key near Sarosota, or Key West if time allows.

jojosmaman Sun 22-Mar-09 22:18:36

Ginn reunion, well I am hpoing its good as I am going in a week and a half! Know people who have been though and highly recommended, water park, 7mins to disney, kids club etc. We have booked a condo but privately not through the Ginn website as its too expensive!

jojosmaman Sun 22-Mar-09 22:19:19

duh, sorry thought you were looking for accomodation!

giantkatestacks Sun 22-Mar-09 22:19:24

ooh hulababy that was a bit scary grin.

Agree that Key West is fab but if you cant get down that far you can still do the everglades in a Gentle Ben type way [hums theme tune]

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:21:22

Oops! sorry, blush we are actually near Disney for those 8 days. We are staying before that at Florida Keyes, then doing the everglades before moving up to near Disney!

It has come round so quick, and we have just started to finalise where are the best places to go and I have no idea!

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:21:33

Typhoon Lagoon - don't miss it - FABULOUS. Your kids are the perfect age. Massive wave machine - flumes, mad high speed water shoots, we loved it.

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:24:39

Typhoon Lagoon or Bizzard Beach! Which is better?

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:25:14

I would do a day at Magic Kingdom (don't miss Space Mountain), a day at Animal Kingdom (don't miss Everest), a day at Epcot (don't miss Soaring and Test Track), go to MGM Hollywood Studios and see Fantasmic, (don't miss the Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster) eat at Prime Time for hilarious dining experience (you're in Mama's kitchen now, get your elbows OFF the table!!).... I could go on.

As your kids are old enough to get a march on you will see alot in less time than if you have younger ones. Get a fast pass at the Disney parks, you put your ticket in and it gives you another ticket with a time to come back and jump the queue.

Counts down until 2010 when we are going back (Yay for redundancy pay out!!)

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:27:15

Also, have a few lazy days and hit the parks in the evening for the fireworks, shows and less crowds on the most popular rides.

We had the time of our lives last year, crammed loads in.

Discovery Cove is another fantastic day - swimming with dolphins, snorkelling etc, very expensive but worth every cent.

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:29:08

Rainforest Cafe at the Animal Kingdom is BRILLIANT - book a table though.

Didn't go to Blizzard Beach as we felt DS at 6 might be a bit small for some of the rides.

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:30:53

Kbear did you do the Island of Adventures? Is it worth it?

Hulababy Sun 22-Mar-09 22:33:01

Have you got park tickets?
Have you done Disney/Universal before?

I am booking my Disney holiday tomorrow night grin Going in August and already looking forward to it - again!!!

I like all the parks TBH but I think Magic Kingdom is a must if not been before especially. Universal has the bigger rides for older children.

Seaworld has a new waterpark - not tried it before so not sure on what it is like. Looks nice though.

giantkatestacks Sun 22-Mar-09 22:36:38

I prefer Universal to Disney for your dcs age group. I love all those 4d rides with live action and water and all the rest of it...

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 22:37:02

We have done Disney and Hollywood in California, plus Disney in Paris.
Never in Florida.

We have decided on Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood.

Just wanted to make sure before we finally book the tickets![grin

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:48:22

We didn't like Universal or Islands of Adventure as much as Disney but my two were 9 and 6 so bit younger. There was more at Universal and IoA that DS couldn't go on.

We liked SeaWorld too.

In fact, we liked everything!! What's not to like? as they say!!

Kbear Sun 22-Mar-09 22:49:13

Hula - where are you staying this time?

I am physically restraining myself from booking for this year...!!

mynaughtylittlesister Sun 22-Mar-09 23:19:27

Where we are staying it is called, The Sheraton - Animal Kingdom ( I think - DH has booked everythingblush)

Hulababy Mon 23-Mar-09 13:03:52

Kbear - going to stay at Animal Kingdom this time. As it is just me, DH and DD this time round a villa isn't as economical.

Kbear Mon 23-Mar-09 17:23:10

swoon at staying at Animal Kingdom!

Have fun!

bellavita Mon 23-Mar-09 17:27:20

My two loved Islands of Adventure and so did we. Universal is a bit tired imo. Tea at the Hardrock is a must!

The new waterpark Aquatica is very good (although Typhoon Lagoon is still my favourite).

I also think Discovery Cove is worth every penny.

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