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florida in July - is it too hot for children?

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meadow6 Wed 11-Mar-09 17:00:11

Been for last 4 years in july, very hot and humid but we have managed it no bother. Last year kids were 9,7,3 and 5months and nobody grumbled once about the heat.( except me a little bit.) At parks everyday for 2 weeks then few days on gulf coast, and then back to parks. We just take everything nice and slow with lots of drinks. Probably not everyones cup of tea but we honestly find it manageable. There are plenty of things to see and do that get you out the heat for a while.

elsiepiddock Wed 11-Mar-09 13:31:48

We're going in July this year for the first time (have been at Easter for last 10 years), I'm a bit worried about the weather too.

But NOT going to Disney, so wont have queue problem grin

mumto2andnomore Wed 11-Mar-09 13:26:44

The trouble is if you are tied to school holidays as we are you dont have much choice. The only other times we could go are Easter and Christmas and I imagine both will be very busy.

hermykne Wed 11-Mar-09 12:10:07

hi mumoverseas i saw your other threads re yyour vila, so thanks for commenting, mine would not be happy in queues for very long in temperate weather so hot weather ?!!!
And your two older children are teenagers so if they werent comfortable ....
have to discuss with BIL's

mumoverseas Wed 11-Mar-09 11:53:30

I've been to Florida every year for the last 13 years and the last two years I went in July instead of the usual Oct/Nov or March/April. To be honest, I wouldn't do it again. My kids last year were 15, 12 & 20 months and it was hard going for them. Also very hot to be standing around in queues. I guess it depends on your kids though.

Twims Wed 11-Mar-09 11:40:46

We did have fun though ( I was 13 at the time ) it was just very hot some days but I think we just worked out when was the best time to do stuff ie Disney, we spent one week in a caravan and just did home stuff like the cinema, shopping, beach, playing etc then the next week when we were used to the heat we went to Disney and did all the rides in the morning and the end of the day and had a lazy lunch at lunch time or di dthe inside activities to keep us out of the heat - sister would have been 2.5 so she obviously napped etc.

hermykne Wed 11-Mar-09 11:20:52

twims , i can see my two refusing to go outside even to a pool, i dont know how much fun it would be , its a family get together but the timing mightnt be right

Twims Wed 11-Mar-09 11:19:43

I haven't been for years went 10 years ago in the July time and it was awful - the sand on the beach was so hot I couldn't walk on it - the baby seat was awfully hot and the metal clips on it were scorching - we had a great time but the weather made it very uncomfortable.

hermykne Wed 11-Mar-09 11:13:28

and adults!
i read it can be in the 90's , house would have a/con but what would dsiney land be like?

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