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Barbados for special birthday .. with our 5 year old in tow - suggestions on fab hotels but child friendly please?

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PestoMonster Tue 10-Mar-09 20:34:04

Have a look at the review section. I'm sure I did one for the Almond Beach Village. The food is great too and all the watersports were included. My dds even did waterskiing and banana boating and of course beach cricket with the kids club.

PestoMonster Tue 10-Mar-09 20:32:25

Almond Beach is extremely child friendly. Their kids club is brilliant. Divided into different ages and you don't have to book in advance and they can dip in and out of it. They have a blackboard outside detailing the activities planned for each day (with the times) so your dcs can choose what they want to do.

We went there 18 months ago when my dds were 10 and 8 and it was fabbo.

isheisnthe Mon 09-Mar-09 10:28:18

almond beach evenblush

isheisnthe Mon 09-Mar-09 10:27:42

alomond beach - I went with DS's (they were 2 and 4 at the time) and they loved it - very nice,friendly and fantastic food. if you find a way to get there and stay for under 5k let me know as I would love to go again!

LittleHarrysMum Mon 09-Mar-09 09:08:27

Child Friendly Hotels

LittleHarrysMum Mon 09-Mar-09 09:06:42

Almond Beach

Haven't stayed myself but have heard good things.

Or Sandy Lane stayed here and got married here. Had 9 month DS with us hotel very family friendly have a kids club and good babysitting.

mullercorner Mon 09-Mar-09 09:00:48

Almond Beach someone has recommended but not sure if it is child friendly enough - our DS wouldnt go alone in a kids club but would enjoy if I stayed with him.

I'd like a lush hotel, family friendly, play park and AI

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