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Which Disney (Florida) hotel?

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Hulababy Mon 16-Feb-09 10:00:52

After DH remembering he has tickets for the cricket late August, need to change dates for planned holiday. Luckily I didn't click book, lol!

Off to Florida end July/beg August for 14 nights. As it will just be the three of us this time we are looking at Disney hotels.

Have you been and stayed in one?

Which did you like and why?


bellavita Mon 16-Feb-09 10:03:21

I haven't stayed at a Disney hotel, but my employers have - Animal Kingdom. They said it was lovely.

AramintaCane Tue 19-May-09 16:57:58

We have stayed in port orleans it was lovely quiet and has a boat to Down town disney. The pool was great and it is a bit smaller than the other disney hotels. I have also stayed in Carribean beach and did not like it at all. It was miles to everything which is not ideal with kids.

doublehelp Tue 19-May-09 17:17:58

we stayed in the all stars movies resort with dd aged 3 and dd aged 2 they loved the massive characters around the resort, there were two pools for swimming and a seperate splash pool area which was great for them just to run around in. They had play areas and sand pits.

LadyMuck Tue 19-May-09 17:24:38

Is budget an issue? How will you be travelling when you get there?

We stayed at the Polynesian resort, which was lovely, and had the monorail to get to Magic Kingdom very quickly. But it isn't cheap.

We have previously stayed in the Caribbean Beach resort. Reasonable rooms, nice resort, OK restaurants. I think that it is one of their mid rate resorts.

There is a Disney Dining Plan deal going on this summer, so if your dates suit then it makes sense to stay onsite. Polynesian had an evening kids club if that would suit your dd. Personally we preferred the space and facilities of a villa, but I think that with 1 child a hotel may provide more playmates.

If I were staying for 2 weeks I might look to change hotel once or twice, just to ring the changes a bit. Mainly because the hotels are all a bit different, and it would be a good way to experience them, and of course they are in different locations.

Hulababy Tue 19-May-09 17:44:23

Thanks for the revive of the thread. Started it ages ago. Thanks all, but we have since booked. We will be staying in Animal Kingdom lodge, which seemed to come quite well recommended.

Buda Fri 05-Jun-09 11:39:34

Hula - just spotted this!

We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge at Easter. We really liked it. Saw giraffes and zebras etc from our room.

We ended up eating in the hotel 6 nights out of 11 as we were too tired to go anywhere else! The main buffet is nice but is pretty much the same everynight. I loved the salads and hoummus and pita so had that every night. DS hated their mac and cheese but he managed ok - he is a fussy eater though. The other restaurant was nice. We ate there 3 nights. Tried booking in advance but on 2 ocassions it was fine just to turn up and although it was a 30 min wait we just sat in bar area and had a drink.

There is also a market type fast food restaurant. You can buy a Disney mug there for around 14 dollars I think and then get free refills all holiday. We did that and it was great for tea and coffee and soft drinks. No juice though.

Will you have a car? There is a huge Target 10 min drive away - our first day was cold and wet so we went there and spent 3 hours in there and shopped till we dropped! Lots of restaurants along there too. Basically you come out of AKL and turn right at first lights I think and follow road around down onto 192 and turn right - there is all the usual American chains, Dennys, Sizzler etc.

Am jealous! Would love to go back.

Hulababy Fri 05-Jun-09 20:19:49

Thanks for that Buda

Yes, we will have a car so that is useful.

Will def look into getting the refil cup too.

Am very excited grin

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