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southwest USA with a 2 year old

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lulu25 Sun 15-Feb-09 20:22:20

so this is our idea: 2-3 weeks in arizona/new mexico; driving/living in an RV thing.

does this sound like a good thing to do? has anyone done it?

and if it does
where do we fly to?
where do we go?
how far between interesting places?
how many should we try and fit in?
when does it get too too hot?
tour operators that will do flights/RV thing package


PuzzleRocks Mon 16-Feb-09 20:25:09

Bumping as this was about to drop out of unanswered after 24 hrs.

scienceteacher Mon 16-Feb-09 20:27:24

I suggest looking at RV packages centred on the Grand Canyon.

It will be a lot of driving.

flibertygibet Tue 17-Feb-09 23:20:33

Hey Lulu..we did it last May/June with ds who is 5. We rented an RV in LA from Apollo Motorhomes and drove to Arizona/Grand Canyon/Monument Valley/up to Utah, to Zion National Park/Bryce Canyon/Las Vegas/Back to LA. We had 3 weeks.

Looking back, I would have flown into Las Vegas (don't stay too long!) and rented the RV there. It is a LOT of driving to do that loop. My highlights would be:

Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Bryce Canyon
Zion National Park

There's not much between LA and Vegas. You could also rent an RV in Phoenix or even Flagstaff, AZ.

It was a fantastic trip. There are a lot of campgrounds. You should book some nights though ahead of time at Grand Canyon National Park and Zion. May/June was good..but getting pretty hot. Too hot for the desert (you can't take an RV to Death Valley anyway). But we had snow in Bryce Canyon!

Have a look on the US National Parks website: (I think)..they talk about the Grand Canyon 'loop'.

Let me know if you need more info..

BigGitDad Tue 17-Feb-09 23:23:16

Oooh fliberty I am so jealous, I have been to all those places and so wish I was out there again. It has been six years since we last went (pre kids!)

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