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Anyone been to Cabo Verde?

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harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 21:40:08

Got the chance (maybe... fingers crossed) of going on holiday this year. For some reason, Cabo Verde appeals - I speak Portuguese, love music, seafood, beaches. Can't afford Brazil (which I know and love), another member of the party doesn't fancy Portugal (which would have been another choice of mine). Have heard good things about Cabo Verde but know very little about it. What's it like as a holiday destination? My ideal would be a beautiful beachside hotel or house, somewhere with an interesting town nearby, good music...

Don't really want a resort type holiday but have no idea where to start looking for something more independent. Oh, and is it expensive?

sfxmum Fri 30-Jan-09 21:43:21

was born there, sorry no help but could not resist as hardly anyone ever heard of it
it apparently very popular with Portuguese Spanish and Scandinavians I hear they do have gorgeous music

I think I saw something on the Rough guides to west Africa a few years back but it has been further developed since, have not been back since I was a baby

sfxmum Fri 30-Jan-09 21:44:15

I mean I do know their music and it is quite lovely

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 21:46:54

thanks sfxmum - didn't think this would get a reply for ages! I heard Italians go there a lot too. I'm just hoping it isn't an overdeveloped package tour place.

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 21:48:06

I know some of the music too, sfx - Cesaria Evora, obviously. I want to hang out in a bar by the beach, eating fish and listening to beautiful music smile

pgwithnumber3 Fri 30-Jan-09 21:50:12

My friend has just come back from here, in fact they have been a few times, her DH is in the middle of negotiating on a piece of land to build a hotel on. envy She loves it, very quiet and undeveloped still. Lovely beaches.

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 21:53:13

ooh, which island did they go to, pg?

sfxmum Fri 30-Jan-09 21:54:40

sound idyllic if you do go please report back would love to take dd and dh there one day, my aunt was there at the time given half the chance will go on and on about how lovely the music and the fish was, she wept when I took her to see Cesaria a few years back

pgwithnumber3 Fri 30-Jan-09 21:58:02

I've no idea and we have had a fall out so I can't ask her. sad Sorry!

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 21:58:04

will do, sfxmum! So, is your family Caboverdean then? Oh, and I weep at Cesaria too wink

sfxmum Fri 30-Jan-09 22:08:07

found this

and this

and no am part of the colonizing Portuguese

I do hope they keep it nice and quiet

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 22:13:51

muito obrigada, sfx - I ordered the brochure from CapeVerde travel. Will go and have a look in Stanfords travel bookshop next time I am in London.

harpomarx Sat 31-Jan-09 20:37:24

bumping just in case smile

PestoMonster Sat 31-Jan-09 20:40:07

My dentist went to Sal and highly recommended it if you want somewhere hot but uncommercialised. It is only about 6 hours away, so not too far a trek either. I haven't been though.

arfur Mon 02-Feb-09 16:30:29

Went there last year (to Sal) and had a lovely week, and the beach was beautiful - never ending white sand. Not much to do outside of hotel tho we went on an island tour which consisted of visiting the salt flats, some pretty caves and the main town which is very poor and as such their was nothing there other than a tiny souvenir shop. We were told that there is no fresh water on the island and therefore everything you eat/drink is flown in. Dont get me wrong its a lovely place but cultural it is not and as for fresh fish - not really. It is described in most brochures as moon like and that is true its very desertlike, actually quite desolate. I think this sounds like a bad review but its not - it was just kind of bizarre unlike anywhere we'd ever been before and it is being heavily developed so if you want to go - then best to go now!

harpomarx Mon 02-Feb-09 21:22:10

thanks arfur and PestoMonster. Arfur, did you get to any of the other islands, or here anything about them? it sounds like they are quite different, Fogo sounds interesting.

I somehow think it's not going to be a hit with other members of the party though - I like undeveloped, I've a feeling they don't...

harpomarx Mon 02-Feb-09 21:22:52

bloody hell, 'hear' not 'here' anything about them. I will be summonsed to Pedants' Corner unless I'm careful!

Latrigg Tue 15-Sep-09 11:56:32

My parents went this year and had a great time. Said the music and seafood was wonderful and they stayed in some nice hotels by the beach and also some more basic places in the mountains as they were doing a bit of walking. They went with a company called Archipelago Cape Verde who seemed to put a pretty interesting holiday together for them. Not sure how much it cost but they want to go back!!

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