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Recommendations for Red Sea bit of Egypt please

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KatyMac Sun 25-Jan-09 07:52:20

We loved it

DD is 11 & sails so she loves the clubs - the wind is a good thing if you sail. It was cold in the evening but lovely in the day

The food was basic at the coralie but apparently better at the Hilton (you can do either with Neilson)

Tarabear Sat 24-Jan-09 22:22:25

How did you find Neilson? did you travel with your kids? Is Dahab very windy? I've heard really good things about Neilson holidays. i didn't realise they went to egypt.

thanks, x

KatyMac Sat 24-Jan-09 22:11:44

We stayed at the Coralia Club next door to the Hilton

The hilton looked nice & the people we met were happy there

The coralie Club was very good too

We went with neilson

Tarabear Sat 24-Jan-09 22:09:21

Hi, We're planning to go to Red Sea area for a week next month. I've been trawling the net for deals but there's so many hotels I don't know where to begin! I've 2 boys, 1 and 3 so we want to go where the families go, where the boys can make a mess in the restaurant and we don't get stared at!

Has anyone been to a nice hotel? I thought the Hilton Dahab looks good but not sure about the transport. We want a good flight and quick transfer.

I'd really appreciate any hints or tour operators anyone's been with and trusts.
THx, love Tara (desperate for a break)

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