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camps bay cape town SA tips and ideas please!

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nowwearefour Thu 22-Jan-09 21:27:27

we (dh and i and dd1 3.5 and dd2 20 months) are off on 2 feb to SA for 2 weeks (delayed from early JAn due to chicken pox fiasco!). we have our accom booked but wonder about car hire/ restaurants/ any other tip? i read somewhere that restaurants dont have high chairs? is monkey world suitable for a 20 month old (apart from the fact she is one of the world's biggest monkeys!). any hints or tips gratefully received!!!

gingerrage Wed 28-Jan-09 18:27:45 have good deals on cars and are reputable (its cheaper on the za site than the uk one). We have already booked ours for march. Recommended by my aunt who has lots of visitors.

nowwearefour Sat 14-Feb-09 16:18:57

thanks for all these tips. got back today. so many tips were used and i loved it. i had unfortunately booked the 10.40pm flight back and i defo would not do it again- both dds slept really well on flight on way there but were just overtired on way home so we both exhausted.... but wow what a trip. hope to go again but as dd starts school in sept these feb trips may be a thing of the past....

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