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South Africa - baby friendly accommodation suggestions in Western Cape please

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chandellina Mon 16-Feb-09 22:44:50

we stayed in a fab cottage in Hout Bay near Capetown with our 4 month old in December. web site is

another great place was Africa's Call in Plettenburg Bay - The honeymoon suites are huge and perfect for a family. the owners have a 6 month old and are very nice.

as far as activities, there are lots of beautiful national parks, beaches, etc.

Montsterma Thu 22-Jan-09 22:06:04

Thanks Rumpole, Vineyard looks lovely, will see if there are enough rands left in the pot for a couple of nights when we've booked the rest of the holiday, fingers crossed. Am currently trawling website, so many places so little time smile

Rumpole Wed 21-Jan-09 22:46:09

This is a good website:

Are you staying in Cape town at all? We stayed in a great place in Newlands in the suburbs near Kirstenbosch called the Vineyard. Website is Not cheap but brilliant, very family friendly and good reliable babysitting.

Montsterma Wed 21-Jan-09 22:36:47

Thanks bluesky (and PuzzleRocks). Anyone else got any gems of advice?

bluesky Wed 21-Jan-09 15:48:12

we went to South Africa for the first time with children last year and following a recommendation in one of the Sunday Papers we found lots of help and advice (and eventually) booking through

PuzzleRocks Tue 20-Jan-09 21:59:35

Bumping for you.

Montsterma Tue 20-Jan-09 21:27:46

We arrive mid March when DS will be 9 months old. We will have a car and no particular schedule other than to enjoy the beautiful beaches and mountains - ooohhh can't wait. Any recommendations of family friendly places to stay and things to do would be gratefully received smile

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