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8hr morning flight to carribean with 2 and a half year old any suggestions

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whoopsididitagain Mon 05-Jan-09 20:16:56

ty my mum suggested a personal dvd player she already has my old ipod to listen to the lazy ton and in the night garden so was thinking colouring but think the aqua draw is inspired ty !!!

yes will remember change of clothes have done long haul before but just not with lo so will be intresting as i normally sleep hmm

lucysmum Mon 05-Jan-09 20:13:25

Just did same journey with my 2.5 yr old to St Lucia. Premium prob has seat back TVs which amused my Dd. Also lots of little snacks, drinks, - assume plane food will be rubbish - new little books (try Waterstones), tiny doll and teddy, colouring. We did walk up and down the plane a lot of times. Take spare clothes for you and them (spent several hours covered in wee...) and cool stuff to change into before you land.

tattycoram Mon 05-Jan-09 20:04:29

Aquadraw is great

Loads of sticker books on amazon eg

Little pots of playdough with accessories for cutting it up and squishing it through things

If you can fit one of these in your luggage it might be worth it. It kept my 2 year old DS happy on a recent flight and for many restaurant meals on our last holiday

randomcupsoftea Mon 05-Jan-09 20:00:54 185597&sr=8-8

randomcupsoftea Mon 05-Jan-09 19:59:30

Aqua draw pictures - just fill the pens up & she can 'colour in the pics. They dry and can be done over & over.....

whoopsididitagain Mon 05-Jan-09 19:57:35

she is a fully toilet trained very active toddler we are flying thomson premium which is posh economy lol but how do we keep her occupied

please any suggestions would be very well received


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