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Antigua with Children

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redwino Sat 27-Dec-08 19:53:20

Yes newpup, we are in the rooms that go straight onto the beach!

newpup Tue 23-Dec-08 17:22:06

Thanks Pagwatch.

redwino I did not know about the dolphin swim either! Are you in a one of the rooms that goes straight onto the beach? Have been reading the reviews on tripadvisor and they are all excellent! grin

Pagwatch my friend went to St Lucia last year and loved it!

redwino Tue 23-Dec-08 16:03:01

Saw the word Antigua and thought must look at this thread. I am going at Easter too, staying at the Beach Club. My DC are 13 and 10. Didn't know you could swim with dolphins there.

pagwatch Tue 23-Dec-08 15:48:57


The reason people are talking about crime on the islands is because they remain pretty safe. So crime is news.
Can you imagine "shock mugging in London - full story page 3"

Of course you have to be sensible but act as you braodly would at home and all will be fine.

<<pag off to St Lucia in April so obviously a) not scared and b) bragging at every oppertunity>>

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 23-Dec-08 09:02:38

Felt very safe and it was amazing the amount people who were returning year after year.

newpup Tue 23-Dec-08 08:58:32

Thanks for the tips! DDs are really looking forward to the beaches! We have taken them to the U.S.A. quite a few times but they have never had a beach holiday (unless you count Cornwall in the rain)!

The only downside is that since I booked it everyone keeps telling me about every cime on the Carribean they have ever heard of!

Everyone seems to think it is very dangerous although the actual crime rates are quite low. We took the girls to New York in May and no one mentioned crime then!!

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 23-Dec-08 08:53:24

They are 6 months and nearly 3, we did the Sunsail as we have been looking after children and runnign a B&B all summer and needed a break. My brother stayed at St James a few years ago with his children. English Harbour is great, however our advice is don't hire a car but negotiate a taxi driver for the day as they will be able to give you a tour guide. Half Moon bay is the most georgeous beach as well to go and spend some time but the facilities weren't open when we were there. St John's is worth a visit.

A tip, check in early and go and have something to eat at Sticky Wicket in the Stamford Cricket Cround which is literally next door to the airport before you go through passport control, the queus can be horrendous and they do great food.

newpup Tue 23-Dec-08 08:49:46

Hello. Glad you had a good time. We are staying in The Beach Club which is an annexe of St James Club. How old are your DCs?

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 23-Dec-08 08:48:10

Where are you staying, just got back and had a great time with DC's but they were in kids club for most of it.

newpup Tue 23-Dec-08 08:42:37

Thanks Pagwatch. When did you go? Is conch realy bad?

First time in the carribean for DH and the girls but I went as a teenager, many moons ago with my parents to the Bahamas.

Did you feel safe while you were there?

pagwatch Mon 22-Dec-08 19:39:57

no tips really. But it is lovely.

The swim with the dolphins thing is lovely and easy to get to. Boththe boys loved it ( DD was too small)
Hire a car - the whole island is lovely. Nelsons dockyard is nice day out.
Don't eat conch <<shudder>>

seems I did actually have some tips grin

newpup Mon 22-Dec-08 16:59:42

Have just booked a week in Antigua over Easter 2009. Anybody have any tips to pass on? My DDs will be 7 & 9 (almost 10).

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