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child friendly hotels in perth?

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paz1 Fri 19-Dec-08 08:41:36

We are going to Perth with our one-year-old and were wondering if anyone could recommend a child friendly hotel in the centre? Would be great to have a pool....and enough space in the room so we arent tripping over the travel cot every five minutes...

inscotland Sun 21-Dec-08 13:40:01

If I am honest with you I wouldn't stay in the city centre unless you have a reason to. Apart from shopping there really isn't a great deal going on.

What do you want to see in Perth? Give me a run down and I will have a think for you.

Are you able to hire a car?

You might be cheaper hiring a villa with a pool for the week. Would that be something you would go for?

What time of year are you going?

singersgirl Sun 21-Dec-08 13:52:50

We stayed in a nice furnished apartment in a place called Seashells in Scarborough when the boys were 1 and 4 - they recommended a babysitter, or we used a local agency so we could go out to dinner. They're just opposite the beach and lots of room, with a small pool. We had breakfast at the cafe on the corner every morning grin.

Dominique07 Sun 21-Dec-08 14:05:14

Perth in Perthshire?... The Hydro hotel in Crieff is great.

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