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Travel with unvaccinated baby. Thailand?Tunisia? where's warm & healthy?!

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Mazzletov Mon 20-Oct-08 21:37:16

Now I really don't want this to spin off into a vaccine row. I'm training to be a homeopath and in keeping with that general philosophy DD 9mths is totally unjabbed as yet. In any case even if we were to change our minds we're travelling in the next two weeks so it's too late ...

We're looking for some sun (not TOO hot) and plan to spend most of November away. DH points out it may be sensible to avoid areas with troublesome levels of highly contagious diseases until she's at least of an age where she can tell us she's unwell and describe how she feels.

We've been considering Thailand (Koh Phangan, on recommendation), but withering slightly NOT at the idea of monsoon rains, but at the long flight time. A friend suggested Tunisia for an affordable, healthy, family-friendly place where we can have a relaxing holiday with some degree of adventurousness.

Any thoughts gratefully received!

katyjo Mon 20-Oct-08 22:20:04

I went to Tunisia before I had kids and although I had a lovely time, it wouldn't be my ideal destination with a baby. Have you travelled anywhere with dd before, what is important to you? We have just come back from Cyprus and with year round sun and excellent hygeine it was wonderful, the flight is five hours so manageable. Its not that adventurous but with a baby everywhere is an adventure!

Mazzletov Tue 21-Oct-08 13:01:39

Thanks katyjo, have bitten the bullet and booked tickets to Thailand. She's a good traveller in general and it won't be her first flight - fingers crossed! Funnily enough I did briefly consider Cyprus but we've got a month so wanted to do something big. Wish us luck! x

rosbif Tue 21-Oct-08 19:39:36

Thailand is great but not without health risks, I have travelled there extensively with children. Are their any homopathic remedies to prevent malaria, Hep A and B etc? I am sure you have. Have a good time

pagwatch Tue 21-Oct-08 19:42:26



Come on. Fess up.
You just wanted to tell us you are going to Thailand didn't you


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