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10 hrs flight with 8 mo ... please advice

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bhk3 Wed 08-Oct-08 19:14:35

hi ladies
i'm travelling to india with my dd 8mo on my own next month. please advice me what to do
1. what if baby feels discomfort or vomit in flight.
2. what medication to carry & do they allow to carry medication?
3.what about the time change coz in india its 4 1/2 hours ahead in time. how do i feed her or do the routine stuff when i reach there. shall i stick on uk time?

i'm really worried coz i'm on my own and can anybody give me advice about what stuff to carry for the baby.

RuthChan Thu 09-Oct-08 19:17:42

The easiest way to stop the baby feeling discomfort from the pressure changes during take off and landing is to feed her.
The swallowing action naturally equalises the inner ear pressure and she shouldn't feel any pain.
You can do this either by bottle or BFing. Whichever you normally do. Don't worry about BFing on a plane. No one will have a problem if you do it subtly.

There is little chance of her vomiting. I wouldn't worry about that too much. If she does vomit, just deal with it as you normally would on the ground.

Most people advise trying to change to the new time zone a day or so before leaving and certainly while on the plane. On the other hand, it depends how long you will be there for. If it's a short trip, you might prefer to leave her on UK time througout the trip...

Stuff to carry for the baby, would include formula etc if you use it, a good supply of nappies, some snacks if appropriate, some toys to entertain her, a change of clothes.

Depending on the airline, they will give you a baby meal for her on board if you order it, they may also have some nappies and toys, but don't rely on those.

Depending on her length and weight, you may be able to book a bassinet on board for her to sleep in. Depending on the airline, they are usually available to babies up to about 75cm, 10 kgs and 1 year old. They are really helpful and can be booked for free. Book it when you book your own ticket.

I would also advise taking a sling of some sort. If you will be travelling alone, you will spend a lot of time carrying both your DD and all your hand luggage around the airport. It's tiring.

bhk3 Thu 09-Oct-08 19:41:04

thanks ruthchan. i'm 100% bottlefeeding so how do i carry the milk? and is there any restrictions?

RuthChan Fri 10-Oct-08 08:35:53

Hi again
I'm afraid I've never bottle-fed, so I don't know much about that.
I know that you can carry formula onto planes, both ready made-up and also as poweder for the stewards to make on board.
However, I'm sure someone else can help you more than I can.
Generally speaking, you'll find people quite flexible and helpful when you travel with a baby.

chinchi Fri 10-Oct-08 08:50:58

I had some bottles made up when I took DS abroad this summer. They were in 250ml bottles and I took about 3. I was asked to taste them at security, and the staff were ever so helpful.

I did also take an unopened carton of C&G ready made milk, and they told me that normally they wouldnt let me take it through (I had nothing to empty it into, therefore couldnt open it to taste it), but they said on this occasion they would let me through.

Stick to UK time regarding her routine as she will have no sense of time, and still expect things to carry on as normal. Saying that, she may sleep through the flight, and so may make up for a few hours difference then!

It may help to check in early as if the flight isnt full, you could request for an empty seat to be allocated next to you. I could have really done with this when travelling with DS as he was quite fidgety and restless (constipation), and so I felt I was being a nuisance to the peopl sitting next to me whenever I needed to get up with him. He would have probably felt more relaxed if he would have had the little extra room for him to sleep comfortably.

I agree with the sling idea, as I was shattered carrying DS and hand luggage. The airport on the other side was red hot too as the air-con had broken, making up both really cranky!

Hope this helps a little.

bhk3 Sun 12-Oct-08 19:53:34

thanks ladies

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