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Flights to OZ

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inscotland Tue 07-Oct-08 18:51:40

If taking an infant (18 months) would you book a seat for child or have sitting on knee? Will be mum and dad and one child?

SmileyMylee Tue 07-Oct-08 23:31:10

We took our nearly 2 year old to Oz. We requested the 'bulk head seats. On one leg the table at the front was folded down and we had a bassinet which she sat up in. On the second leg they put what looked like a bouncy chair on it. (strapped in for safety). However each time the fasten seat belt sign came on we had to take her out and put her on our laps with the lap seat belt in. However on the whole it was fine.

With some airlines you can pre-book them )e.g. BA), with others you just request them, so it depends on how many other people have children. Some airlines (I think Virgin) only do it up to 12 months so you may need to check the policy with the airline that you are going.

sunnydelight Sun 12-Oct-08 10:05:00

If you can afford it I would say book a seat, it's a LONG flight. With a child that age you will be bumped from the bulkhead seats if anyone turns up with a really little one; on the other hand if the flight isn't full they would probably block a seat for you but it's a risk.

My kids are older but the idea of having a child on my lap for 23 hours would have me on valium - what happens if you get a totally selfish sh*t in front who insists on reclining the seat all the way? I've had it happen to me with a child on my lap on a shorthaul flight and the (BA) crew refused to intervene. Don't fly BA by the way if you have an option (Singapore are fantastic with kids) they're bad enough if you're on your own but a disaster with kids.

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