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Cheap, light, ideas for keeping 20m ds entertained on 12hr+ flight?

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phdlife Mon 06-Oct-08 12:09:03

I am stumped.

So far I've got him a mini magna-doodle, a slinky, and a couple of new books. I've got colouring books and stickers but so far (he's 18m now) he's utterly uninterested in htese.

So I need ideas for cheap, light, little things I can pack (already got the tip to wrap them as presents!)

your suggestions please!!

Catper33 Tue 07-Oct-08 01:59:14

We have flown a few times with our 2 children including when ds1 was 21mths.He is now 2 and we are preparing for a long trip NZ-UK in a months time so are stocking up on things.

He loves the self inking stamps so we have a couple of small animal ones that don't make too much mess and can be stamped on hands/feet and paper (if we're lucky!). Selotape is good and seems to keep him busy for quite a while. Pipe Cleaners (coloured) I have been told work well as they can be bent and made into all sorts of things.

Stickers seem to work for our little one when he sticks them on his Daddy's nose/ears/hands etc. rather than in books!!!!!! I guess he is learning body parts this way too!!!!!

leothelioness Tue 07-Oct-08 05:36:22

I have done multiple long haul flights with my 2 ds 4 and 2. I would look into the crayola markers the ones that only write on the colourwonder paper. Small toys my ds loves plastic creepy crawlies (not the really small ones as he might swallow it)
I also carry a portable dvd player(not cheap sorry) don't take everythink out at one one at a time as you need them.
My lo loves book with flaps etc too.
Snacks like small crackers and chocolate buttons etc may also keep him occupied for a while.
I also use small play pots and spoons for my ds to pretend to cook and the veg which are in two halves joined together by velcro wich he pretends to cut and cook in the pot (sorry if that does not make sense)
Try to make sure he is tired but not over tired so that he is likely to sleep for a few hours on the flight too.
I hope this helps.

usuallytooshytochat Tue 07-Oct-08 05:47:47

lego, stickle bricks, playmobil - ds loved rhe big versions of these on journeys - just take a small selection e.g. lego car, driver and 3 bricks. small pot of playdoh. play phone (they are usually quiet to protect ears so shouldn't annoy other passengers!) raisins, bananas, pot of grapes etc. Have fun!

phdlife Tue 07-Oct-08 12:27:02

oooh sticklebricks - would never have thought of that myself, thank you!!

what are plastic creepy crawlies? [ignorant]

thank you, this list is a good start.

of course after the 12hrs to Singapore we then have another 7+ to Brisbane...

still at least we aren't coming back

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Tue 07-Oct-08 12:27:45


leothelioness Thu 09-Oct-08 03:39:54

yes play doh is great if you ds does not have the tendency to try and eat it.
with blocks I found that I spent the entire time crawiling under the seats as ds build a tower and the knock it over all over the place but he did like them (me not so much after trying to get them from under the seat for the umpteenth time)
Plastic creepy crawlies come in a box and I have seen them in toys r us they are basically soft plastic bugs and are good for them to touch and feel and play with if they are not scared of that sort of thing. have a look at these for an idea
look at 295&pf_id=363&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=free&utm_campaign=Updated20081002&utm_term=CV

twentypence Thu 09-Oct-08 04:33:00

Do not take a rubber or plastic snake to Brisbane airport is my hot tip. They confiscate them. So I wouldn't take a lifesize plastic anything on the way back.

Oh, just seen you aren't coming back - shouldn't be a problem then.

A favourite teddy, the little plastic cups they serve the drinks in, the children's movie and stickers were the big hits with ds at that age.

And for you the mantra - "this time tomorrow this will be over forever."

MadamDeathstare Thu 09-Oct-08 04:50:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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