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Help - going to US for first time (& with 10 yr old, )any tips gratefully received!

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cuddlesrus Thu 25-Sep-08 07:49:41

we are flying with BA to San Fransisco

flight is about 11 hours

staying over there 2 weeks and travelling around

Any tips whatsoever would be welcome, eg. dealing with the packing/the flight/tipping etc.


AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 25-Sep-08 13:58:18

Take half the clothes and twice the money!.

Inform your credit card company that you will be out of this country for the two weeks; if you do not inform them before you go your card could be stopped!.

Do use their online check in facility 24 hours before departure and print off your boarding cards.

Make sure that the customs form and immigration forms are filled in correctly prior into arrival into SF (certainly long before you are standing in line at Immigration). These will be given to you by BA staff.

Portable DVD player is well worth using.

17 Mile Drive and Monteray are well worth a visit.

Visit the Cheesecake Factory restaurant on the 8th floor of Macys in Union Square.

cuddlesrus Thu 25-Sep-08 17:53:04


I think ba have dvd's on the back of the seats? hope so!

can't take twice the money I'm afraid! yikes, I thought the exchange rate meant you didn't need loads of money?

also printer broke and can't print boarding passes! help, getting worried now!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 26-Sep-08 07:58:09

They have seat back TV's in their economy/world traveller section which show a selection of films and tv shows - but no DVD players. On BA's website too you can find out what is going to be shown.

Pound against the dollar exchange rate was better in August.

If you can't fix the printer (it may be actually worth buying another printer as they are reasonably priced these days) you can check in at the airport anyway; BA still have staffed check ins.

If you know someone with internet access and a printer you can use their facility to print off each boarding pass - you just need to log in to BA's website using your six figure booking reference.

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