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11 hour flight with a 22 mth old and I am 22 weeks pg! Any advice?

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Daffodilly Mon 22-Sep-08 14:37:31

I've stocked up on snacks for DD (and me) I am not relying on plane food for either of us (though DH thinks I am being overly fussy). Lots of stickers, colouring books, small plastic toys that are new to her, etc.

Any other ideas - anything particularly that I should consider being 20 weeks pg?

TheUNITUBER Mon 22-Sep-08 14:40:03

Get her her own seat so that she is not always on your lap.

Portable DVD player with Pingu is my top tip.

Also a blanket/pillow from home is a good idea to make her seat comfy and get her to sleep.

Daffodilly Mon 22-Sep-08 14:42:36

Thanks Unituber - we did book her a seat as figured it was too long to have her on laps. Good idea on the blanket. I might even take her sleeping bag on board too if we have room.

suzywong Mon 22-Sep-08 14:43:29

which airline are you going with?

TheUNITUBER Mon 22-Sep-08 14:44:02

Ah yes, sleeping bags are good.
I used to take my DD's sleepsuit too. That way we could go through the bedtime routine which helped to calm her down a bit (she got so overexcited).

3littlefrogs Mon 22-Sep-08 14:48:33

Here I am again with my (boring - I know)advice to wear properly fitted flight socks,drink lots of water and keep your legs moving frequently. (You will do this anyway if you are walking up and down with a toddler grin)If you have varicose veins, or are overweight please get advice from your doctor about preventing DVT.

Sam100 Mon 22-Sep-08 14:48:49

Some of those travel socks for you - type that supposed to help prevent dvts. Also speak to your midwife about whether you should take baby aspirin (v low dose) as preventitive for dvt. I had an 8 hr flight at 26 weeks and was advised to take low dose aspirin for few days before and after each flight.

Also consider taking your car seat on the flight with you - you can strap it to some luggage wheels to get around the airport. Check with your airline if you can take it (and print out the bit on the website if it says you can and carry with you for check in). As you have booked a seat for dd you could strap the seat onto that and she will be more comfy, higher sitting position and familiar plus strapped in safely so you can sleep easier knowing she cannot let herself out.

diddle Mon 22-Sep-08 15:36:16

definitly advise travel socks as un-sexy as they are, they do help. We're travelling with a 2yr old and 1 yr old later this year and I will be 23 wks pregnant by then too. I'm planning on taking both their blankets, and letting the older one sleep on the floor if he's not comfy, i remember doing this on long haul as a child. Works out ok as long as the seat belt sign isn't switched on.

I travelled with our then 10 month old when i was 20 wks pregnant and it was fine, the pregnancy juts meant there was less room on my lap and i made sure i took plenty of water with me.
My main worry was baby food and milk.

you'll be fine, just stay organised and stress free

Daffodilly Mon 22-Sep-08 16:21:10

Thanks for all the advice. Will add some of those sexy support stockings to my list - oh the glamour of pregnancy! Hadn't heard that about aspirin so I will check with my GP/midwife ASAP.

We are flying BA - I think they are one of the better ones for families.

Fingers crossed. DH is with us so I hope to had the toddler to him as much as possible and I will concentrate on the tough job of looking after the bump wink

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