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Money for trip to India - advice please.

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bogwobbit Tue 26-Aug-08 16:55:42

I am going to India in just over two weeks for a 10 week trip, most of which is going to be spent teaching English in a school near Kalimpong in West Bengal.
Can anyone give me advice on how best to take money. I have been told that it is probably best to take either Sterling or Dollar traveller cheques. Is either type better than the other. Or would I just be best taking cash (dollars / sterling) and exchanging it for Rupees there.
Also, how easy would it be to get cash from my UK Bank account and how easy would it be to use a UK credit card to buy things.
Sorry for so many questions, but thanks in advance.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 26-Aug-08 17:56:04

Advice from the Foreign Office:-

Before you go

* get some local currency - order less common currencies a week in advance
* order a mixture of cash and travellers’ cheques
* write down the numbers on your travellers’ cheques
* write down your credit card numbers and expiry dates – leave a copy at home
* check your credit card is valid in the country you’re visiting
* note your credit card’s emergency cancellation phone number
* take enough money to cover emergencies

When you’re away

* familiarise yourself with the local currency as soon as you arrive
* don’t carry more money than you need for the day/evening
* if you need to carry a lot of cash ask your partner or friend to carry some for you
* keep a small amount of cash in your wallet and the rest in a secure money belt or inside pocket
* if you have several credit/debit cards, only take one out with you
* leave your cash, cards and travellers’ cheques in a hotel safe – check it is secure

Presumably a charitable type orgnaisation has set this up for you?. Do you have your visa?. I would talk with them as well re your own security and wellbeing whilst in India - you're doing a good thing but your own safety whilst there is paramount. Also would strongly suggest you read the travel advice on India from the FO.

bogwobbit Tue 26-Aug-08 22:57:28


thank you for your advice. Yes, I am going with a charitable organisation and they have been pretty helpful. It was them that recommended taking travellers cheques and I have been told that I will be able to cash them fairly near to where I will be staying. Ruppees are apparently (so I've been told by travel agens) a 'restricted' currency so I can only get them in India.
I have got a visa and the area I will be living in is reasonably 'safe' - I have been looking (from time to time) at the FO website to check and also at a local (to the area) English language website that gives news of what is happening in the area.
I think am just panicking a little bit in case I run out of cash when I'm out there, although I have got a new Abbey zero credit card to use, which is specifically for using abroad as there is no exchange fee. This is really just for emergencies but I just wanted to make sure tht places do accept credit cards and that it won't be a bit of a 'white elephant'.
Thanks again for your help.

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