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ok who's been to Hawaii??

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bigspender30 Thu 21-Aug-08 13:00:35

is it a dream destination or a tacky hell hole?

ForeverOptimistic Thu 21-Aug-08 13:09:22

Both! Waikiki (sp?) is a tourist trap, man made beach lots of burger bars etc.

We also went to the Big Island (Hawaii) which is how I imagine the whole of Hawaii was in the 1950's. It was lovely and amazing to see the live volcano.

There are other islands that sound wonderful, but you must hire a car as public transport is non existent.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:31:33

We went to the Hawaiian Islands this summer. Its another 6 hours or so flight time on from the West Coast which is something that should be borne in mind after flying in from the UK. Hawaiian airlines to anme but one carrier offer quite a wide selection of routes from the Mainland to the Islands.

The island of Oahu (which includes Honolulu and Waikiki is America on Sea) is very built up in parts but does not have lots of burger bars like McDonalds (infact Waikiki has lots of ABC convenience shops and high end designer stores primarily there to cater to the many Japanese visitors). There is a wide variety of shops to cater to all budgets.
The part of Waikiki around Lewers Street has been smartened up over the past two years and there is still some construction going on in this area.

Part of Waikiki beach has had sand shipped in from Australia due to coastal erosion; the beach is very narrow in parts (the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village is the best bit). Bus transportation is not too bad on Oahu but is mainly set up for local people and is called TheBus (there is no railway of any sort). Fares are reasonably priced.

The second most visited island in the chain is Maui. Its quite a contrast from Oahu; less built up and is quieter overall. Hawaii the Big Island (have also been here and have liked it very much) is also quiet (you would need to hire a car there as public transport is sparse). Kauai again is very scenic and quiet compared to Oahu.

HTH, any other questions just ask.

bigspender30 Thu 21-Aug-08 16:12:09

Did you combine the trip with a stopover on the West coast?

bev1e Thu 21-Aug-08 16:15:13

We've been to Kauai and mixed it in with a week in San Francisco, week in Kauai and then back to San Fran for a week.

It was fab - expensive but beautiful. Went in November and weather was hot and humid.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 21-Aug-08 16:42:36

I combined this with a stopover on the west coast both ways. It makes the travelling much easier overall as you can arrive at Honolulu during the early part of the afternoon rather than around 9.30pm or later. Taking a second flight to the Islands the same day after getting off a flight from the UK is not highly recommended, you can feel extremely tired. The whole process as well of US immigration, customs and then walking to another departure terminal (particularly at LAX) for your onward domestic flight can be very time consuming.

thebecster Thu 21-Aug-08 16:45:44

We went to Kauai twice - once because we'd won free flights, and then we went back there on honeymoon. Amazing. So beautiful, and very peaceful. And we stayed in a condo in Kekaha on the far west of the island - the only sound at night was the crashing surf. Don't think I'd attempt the flight with kids though. But that's partly because I dread longhaul myself (I get airsick). We did a stopover in LA on the way back both times. If we could have afforded it we'd have done a stopover both ways.

bigspender30 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:27:34

The becster- I was asking as my sister is contemplating going there on honeymoon! Would you recommend it then?

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 22-Aug-08 07:25:03


LongDroopyBoobyLady Fri 22-Aug-08 11:55:46


mankymummy Fri 22-Aug-08 11:58:22

go to tahiti instead. or the cook islands. very romantic...!

bigspender30 Sun 24-Aug-08 18:15:03

hey mankymummy-I really want to go to the Cook Islands for my 40th-have several years to go I hasten to add! Tell me more............bit of a nightmare to get to ? Cheap or expensive when you get there?

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