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quizzical Mon 18-Aug-08 19:33:27

Has anyone flown longhaul at 28 weeks?
I'm getting lots of conflicting advice - my GP says it OK if you feel fine - but friends are saying why take the risk. I would be grateful for any advice. Also if anyone has any ideas for a good last pre baby holiday destination before everything changes forever?

pagwatch Mon 18-Aug-08 19:36:39

i flew to Barbados at 5 1/2 months. Without Dh but with Ds1 who was 3 at the time.

TBH I didn't reallythink about it at the time but wouldn't have done it again

laraeo Tue 19-Aug-08 07:50:53

I flew longhaul from Australia to London at 29 - 30 weeks. We did take a 3 day stopover in Tokyo (closest to halfway timewise). I had no health issues and had my doctor write a letter stating I was medically fit to fly - didn't need with Qantas, did with Brit Air. I made sure I wore my "special" socks, did the in-flight leg exercises (which my DH was very good about reminding me about) and got up every hour or so to do a quick walk 'round the cabin. I probably wouldn't have flown this late given the choice but a job change required the move.

bigspender30 Wed 20-Aug-08 21:24:51

flew to Dominican republic at 6 months pregnant. Go for it!

cmotdibbler Wed 20-Aug-08 21:28:38

When I was 25 weeks I flew to San Francisco, back across to Virginia, and then to Atlanta (and back to the UK). TBH it was incredibly uncomfortable, and I wouldn't have chosen to do it.

I flew up to 32 weeks - DS arrived at 35. Looking back, if I knew he'd be that early I might have not gone away so late

PestoMonster Wed 20-Aug-08 21:31:38

Yes, I flew to South Africa and had one of the best pre-baby holidays ever. 'Twas truly fab and thoroughly recommended.

I wouldn't go to any areas requiring anti-malarials though, as you're not supposed to take them whilst PG.

easterbunbuns Wed 20-Aug-08 22:09:09

Go for it flew at 25 and 27 weeks going to the states. Got upgraded to sit on better seats reserved for special cases - disabled hugely fat people and pregnant people from what i could see - wasn't actually much special about them but in a quieter part of the cabin. People were so much nicer and more helpful and always got lots of help on and off with things! just pick a female check in person who looks like she's had kids and smile sweetly when you ask for an upgrade!

zuzkah Thu 21-Aug-08 21:40:46

I flew London to Phuket Thailand for our last holiday with my dp when I was 29-31 weeks pregnant. We flew business class though which was GREAT! Only you never want to go back to economy. We had an excellent time. If your pregnancy is with no problem I would go for it. Just make sure:
- you take on a proper health insurance which covers you in all circumstances birth abroad, transferring you and the baby back home etc.
- there is a good hospital close by
- the airlines is ok to take you on
- you take your notes with you

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