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jetlag/time differences - travelling to US with 14 month old who has strong sleep routine. help!

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silvermum Sun 17-Aug-08 20:16:22

anyone got any tips on how to adapt baby sleep routines when you fly long haul? we're thinking of flying to Boston in the autumn - it's a seven hour flight and five hour time difference. (maybe six after british summer time? not sure...)
DS has very strong routines - up at 7am, bed at 7pm, usually sleeps through. are we mad to contemplate it? has anyone got any tips for minimising the jet lag?

Momino Mon 18-Aug-08 22:57:03

my family is in the us so my dd travelled to Ohio at 11 months, 17 months, and at 27 months when dd2 was 7 months old. both girls sleep like clockwork but it only took a couple of days for them to adapt to the time difference. children adapt to time differences easier than adults.

1) pay extra to get a seat, your 14 month old may be squirmy and will appreciate the room. This was essential for our flights when dd1 was 17 months. 2) mediced was helpful not only for teething pain but helped them sleep. 3) when you arrive in the US, try to keep your ds up as long as possible. if he falls asleep, wake him up then put back down for sleep at 7pm boston time. 4) the flight back is much easier, he'll sleep nearly the entire flight.

I wouldn't worry too much. you'll be more jetlagged than your DS!

Denny185 Mon 18-Aug-08 22:59:33

As momino said let him have a nap when you get there but wake him up and put him back to bed 7pm Boston time.

booreeve Mon 01-Sep-08 13:42:50

Hi - just returned from NY/Boston with our 14 month old who is also strong in his routines. I have to ssay it does depend on when your flights are. We flew to NY at 6pm ish so left home after pm nap, thought he might sleep on the plane, he eventually went down for 20 minutes as we pretty much were arriving! So the flight was painful as he was knackered, but on the flip side we landed at 8pm US time (which was 1am over there) and put him straight to bed on arrival, got him up at 9am ish the following morning and got straight back into his routine. So much as the flight was dreadful, there was no jet lag for him at all.
On the way back (Boston) we had a day flight, leaving at 9am, he did a repeat of his not sleeping on the plane thing, which was grim, however we got home at 10 pm UK time (5pm US time) popped straight in the bath, and off to bed - so had no jet lag again! Hope that helps you!

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