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orlando flexitickets

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fitzy007 Thu 14-Aug-08 11:39:47

hi, im off to orlando in a couple of weeks, can anyone tell me if the flexitickets are cheaper over their than to buy on line here, thanks

catweazle Sat 16-Aug-08 19:46:12

Depends on the strength of the £ against the $.

We always found it cheaper to buy out there but I don't know what the exchange rate is like these days. Look it up on the actual website- the .com version rather than the for the gate prices.

fitzy007 Sun 17-Aug-08 13:32:20

can any one tell me how much cheaper it is out in orlando for shopping than in uk, ie 50% , what about park tickets are they much cheaper out their and if so were can we get these, whats the best places to get a good deall malls etc. clothes ellectrical items and all. any info would be great as it is are first time thanks

bellavita Sun 17-Aug-08 13:39:06

Fitzy - we have just come back from our holiday in Orlando (our third year in a row). Bought loads of clothes for the boys at half the price you would pay here. They wear stuff like VANS etc and literally it is dollars for pounds. The exchange rate is nearly $2 to the £1.

I bought a lovely DKNY watch for about £30. Ralph Lauren sunglasses for £47.

The Mall at Millenia is good(slightly further out on the I4) as is Festival Bay (right up at the bottom end of I Drive) and the Premium Outlet Stores (on I Drive but at the other end).

We have always bought our tickets here online.

Not quite sure if the electrical items will work over here though?

fitzy007 Sun 17-Aug-08 13:58:53

hi, thanks for that. did you go to parks what was the ques like, we have 2 children 5 and 10 is weather bearable parks really busy, we go 30th august

bellavita Sun 17-Aug-08 14:22:37

We were there 25th July until 8th August. Weather very very very hot. We had no choice as to when to go as DS1 just finished Yr6 and he was not allowed time away from school.

We did the Discovery Cove package this year which included Busch Gardens and Aquatica (newest water park). Discovery Cove was a doddle because your time with the dolphins was a booked time slot and there are no rides, but we did spend a whole day there - you can swim with the tropical fish, stingrays, do the lazy river.

Busch Gardens was busy biggest queue I saw was for Shakira and that was 1 hour.

Aquatica you need to be in there for 8.00am as they tend to close the gates about 10.30am as the park reaches it's maximum numbers. The water rides again you can queue for up to an hour or more.

We also did the Kennedy Space Centre which was an awful lot less busy and was ok.

Last year we went in May/June and did Islands of Adventure, Universal, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark and Wet n Wild Waterpark. Queueing for the rollercoaster rides was anywhere up to an hour/90 mins.

Year before we did all the Disney Parks in early July. Queues again long we waited 90 mins for Splash Mountain and this was towards the end of the day.

One thing I will say for the Disney Parks though, you have the opportunity to get free fast passes for rides. Work out which ride you want to go on first and go and get the pass - a ticket machine near where you would queue to go on and this will give you a time to go back - will say something like come back between 11.00am and noon. Go back between that hour and you will go more or less straight to the front. (Islands/Universal you have to pay for the passes).

On the flight back home - a family with two teenage daughters was sat in front of us. It was the first time they had been. They were totally unprepared for a) the queues and b) the weather. They said it had been a big culture shock for them.

bellavita Sun 17-Aug-08 14:32:54

We also did Seaworld last year and the year before. If you want to see the Shamu show which I think starts at 11.00am then you need to be at that side of the park for when they open the gates at least 60mins before the show opens to get a seat. The splash zone - around the first maybe 12 rows (even for the very last row) means the splash zone - fantastic fun sitting there if you know you will really get wet. Shamu seems to know when he has missed and will get you.

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