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Disney Dining Plan - is it worth it?

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tinkerbellchelle Wed 06-Aug-08 12:39:01

Hi - I know there are quite a few florida questions and I havent gone through them all so apologise if this has already been asked and answered.
We have decided that as we are going to Lanzarote this year we want to start saving and go to Disney next year. We are thinking of going June time as thats my birthday and close to my sons birthday - who at the time we go will be 1 month away from being 4.

We're trying to work out if the disney dining plan is worth doing? We will have a car so will be going to I-drive etc but not always to eat and will most likely eat at disney - is there anyone who has done this plan - and what did they think

Thank you all in advance xx

tinkerbellchelle Wed 06-Aug-08 17:51:12


napa Sun 10-Aug-08 22:15:12

we have done the dining plan in the past but at the time it was better value than it is now. we tend to eat mostly at disney restaurants and the plan used to include the tip, starter, main and dessert. now it only includes main and dessert and not even the tip. i'd much prefer a starter to a dessert so we didn't have the plan on our last trip and unless they change it back will not do it again. we have a dd (now 4) and she had enough to food on the kids plan, probably an older kiddie would still be hungry.

if you want info about wdw there is a great uk website with loads of wdw info on it called the dibb (hope its ok that i name it on here) but we've been a number of times so ask if you want more info

claret1980 Mon 25-Aug-08 06:54:17

We went in June this year and found it really busy. We did not stay at Disney, we were on I drive and found it a bit of a pain to get to parks without a car.

Best time to go, without a doubt is September - if you can!

We would not consider the dining plan as it is now as most of the meals are tabel service and have to be booked months in advance at peak periods. I have heard via theDibb that there is to be a new one announced called DDP lite. This is cheaper, it means you can get your main meals from counter service restaurants rather than the table service.

newpup Mon 25-Aug-08 07:41:28

I have never done the dining plan but have been to Disney many times.

I have to say eating in Disney is not always the best value. There are lots of restaurants on I-drive within walking distance of most hotels. Otherwise a car would be handy.

Most of the Disney restaurants are booked up months in advance and personally I like a little more spontinaity (spelling?) when eating on holiday.

There are loads of great restaurants for all budgets and tastes in the area so personally I would not want to be tied to Disney.

I can recommend lots if you are interested smile

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