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Dubai - where to stay with a 2 yr old and nearly 5 year old

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fobbald Tue 05-Aug-08 22:14:17

We are planning to stop off in Dubai for 4 nights in October (unfortunately during half term week) Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to stay. Have heard Jumereih Beach Hotel v nice but also v expensive and its probably wasted on our kids at their age. Can you recommend anywhere else and/or good places to book through to get a good deal?

thanks for your help

HarrogateMum Wed 06-Aug-08 13:53:50

Hi - we stopped off in Dubai on way home from Aus in June. I also looked at Jumeirah Beach but was quoted £600 per night for a 2 bed suite type thing to accommodate DH and I and DTs aged 3 and DD aged 1.

As this is extortionate we ended up staying at an Emirates hotel called The Harbour Hotel and Residence. That was £200 per night for a very large 2 bedroom apartment which had a kitchen, 3 bathrooms, lounge and dining room as well as the 2 bedrooms. It was near the marina and had a reciprocal agreement with the Royal Meridien which meant that you could get a shuttle bus there and use all their facilities - great pool and on the beach. The reason the Harbour is cheaper is because its unfinished! WE stayed on the 20th floor but DH got the lift up to the 38th and said it was just concrete and rubble!

orangeplum Tue 12-Aug-08 20:39:57

bump - any more suggestions?

escape Tue 12-Aug-08 20:47:46

I live in dubai
when we first moved here in Jan, we ended up staying in ahotel for 4 months!
This was grosvenor house which is a sister hotel of The royal meridien across the 'road.

I would absolutely reccomend this hotel for families as the facilities are fab and the kids club great.

I also stayed at the Harbour for a week as we had to leave Grosvenor before we moved into our new house.
Never had an issue with Building (this was in April), but their pool area is poor.

I have 3 kids and effectively spent every day for 4 months at the royal meridien - price it, and if you can afford it = you won't regret it.

if the price is an issue - stau ay the harbour and use the RM facilities.
Also, you can access all the marina restaurants etc from the Harbour
(all unliscensed)

Starmummy Sat 16-Aug-08 09:20:38


I live in Dubai as well (waves to escape). A cheaper option in New Dubai, are the Oasis apatments, huge!! Pool and all facilities. I know people who have booked direct and through Virgin (maybe you could sneak a peek through their website?). Again all areas accessible in the Marina area. Be advised walking isnt such an easy option in Dubai, too hot, no pavements, mad drivers, building work. However it s now posisble to walk around the marina area, lovely fountains for the kids to play in and along past JBR (Jumeriah Beach Residences - there are lots of them!) where there are cafes, restaurants and shops. Actually in reality not as nice as it sounds reading that back. If you ski you must go to Ski Dubai, if not take the kids to the snow park. Wild Wadi is the water park. Atlantis will be open by then a huge hotel on the Palm with a water park and swim with the dolphins experience. Again thats on the Virgin site.

Need any help just ask ;-)

handlemecarefully Tue 26-Aug-08 00:02:33

Jumeirah Beach is in no way wasted on small children. Mine were 3 and 5 last October when we went. You pay for what you get.

We had a suite so I don't know if this applies for the more standard accomodation, but a great 'freebie' (well I guess you pay for it really in the room price etc) was an early evening buffet/ drinks thingy (optional of course) in the children's club area.

Sounds horrendous but was actually very civilised - there were all sorts of tasty light nibbles for the children and the adults. Plus you could quaff as many complimentary champagne etc as you like. We would use it as the childrens' dinner and then saunter upstairs a bit later and put them to bed in a delightfully squiffy haze. We would then have room service for ourselves or book a sitter and go out for our meal.

There are about 5 of six different pools at Jumeirah beach - each offering something different (variations on water slides, even a kind of play park in a pool thing). The service is very attentive without being sickening obsequious. I found it completely and utterly relaxing and would recommend it unreservedly. The children loved it.

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