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Nappies in the monsoon

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airfishes Sat 26-Jul-08 11:13:22

What's the best thing to do about using nappies in August travelling in India? I don't want to leave a non-eco friendly trail of disposables, but I'm also worried about sweaty skin in waterproof pants wraps etc.
Any ideas for hot weather?

RuthChan Sat 26-Jul-08 13:46:48

I can't comment on the Indian monsoon specifically, but I live in Japan where we have a similar rainy season and an extremely hot and humid summer.

It is 36 degrees everyday at the moment, but my DD still wears her Tots Bots and Easy Peasy Nappies with her usual Motherease wraps.
I have found no problems at all with her being particularly sweaty around her nappy area.
If you can cope with the laundry involved in using reusables while travelling, I see no reason why you shouldn't.

How old is your DC? Maybe you can offer a few minutes nappy free time when doing changes to give a little time to 'air'.

QuintessentialShadows Sat 26-Jul-08 13:53:23

How old is your baby?
I spent autumn, christmas and spring in south india with my then 18 month old.
Nappies were too tight, and it was so humid and hot he got the most insane nappy rash. So I stopped using nappies....

They had something like nappy pads to insert inside underpants. I used them ocassionally. Most of the time he just wore shorts or underpants. Nappies only for the night.

It was pretty difficult to find nappies to buy anyway. They were in packs of five, at horrendous prices. Also, local wetwipes were extremely stingy and perfumed. So I just washed with water, local toilets were good for that, as they had a shower attachment.

muggglewump Sat 26-Jul-08 14:23:44

I spend ten weeks in Indonesia with my then 12 month old. The nappies were rubbish, not very absorbant and DD got awful nappy rash. I stopped using them apart from at night and if she had to be in her buggy for a while. Other than that just shorts.
The set up sounds similar to what Quint describes with tiny wipes but a shower or mandi in every loo so easy to just clean them with water.
If she pooed or weed outside someone would clean it up without commenting. None of the local kids wore nappies anyway so not weird at all

ilovemydog Sat 26-Jul-08 14:28:03

what about taking a couple of all in ones? Any idea what Indian babies/toddlers wear?

QuintessentialShadows Sat 26-Jul-08 15:14:47

ilovemydog - our neighbours (we lived locally, not in hotels) said they didnt use nappies for babies. They read the body language for babies and put them on the potty or just held them out if not at home.

We were planning another trip last year, and I was talking to a friend off mine there, and as she had just had her own baby at the same time as I had my second, she sometimes used cloth nappies.

You might then want to start using reusable nappies

QuintessentialShadows Sat 26-Jul-08 15:21:05

Yup - you will soon get used to cleaning up poo in restaurants wink

Whereabouts in India are you going?

My son lost his apetite in India. Local doctor (and the paedeatric doctor back in London) said that was pretty common in toddlers when they had such an enormous change of scenery.

I was lucky if I got him to eat 5 grapes, a mouthful of youghurt and a t-spoon of rice in a day! If it wasnt for Mango Juice for calories, rice porridge and the odd pancake, I think it would have been catastrophic. He developed severe iron deficient aenemia from the trip. Of course, I am sure this wont happen to yours, but beware of his food intake, and bring a multivitamin (preferably one containing some iron) with you. Just in case.

airfishes Sun 27-Jul-08 00:16:58

Thanks for all the ideas. We are in Rajasthan. Long term bf luckily, but not fully mobile/independent yet.
Any ideas about creams powders? You can see I am worried about rashes thrush etc. Presumably better not to use them? Sudocreme would be very heavy.

QuintessentialShadows Sun 27-Jul-08 00:21:26

sudocreme has no medicinal effects if the rash is already there. I swear by bepanthen. And there is another one in a yellow tube, I cant remember what it is called...

Fizzylemonade Sat 02-Aug-08 17:56:29

metanium is the yellow tube stuff, works wonders, I used it with disposable liners when ds2 had nappy rash and he was in cloth.

primigravida Sun 03-Aug-08 05:57:44

neal's yard do an excellent nappy cream, it's a bit pricey but lasts for ages and is gentle on the skin but very effective.

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