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Anyone used an insurance broker for travel insurance at 26+ pregnant?

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Paddingtonblue Thu 24-Jul-08 10:51:20

We are travelling throught the States for three weeks on our way home to NZ and I am going to be 24-27 weeks pregnant over this time. My normal travel insurance covers me to 26 weeks but I will hit this a couple of weeks through the trip. My insurance company said that they can't cover me and I would need to use an insurance broker - has anyone get any experience of doing this? Seems like overkill for one week, but should anything happen in the US I suspect I would need to sell DS and DH to cover the medical bills.............

happymumathome Thu 24-Jul-08 22:24:56

Hi just had to organise this too and found a good company, Ravenhall risk solutions ltd, they will insure yo up to 35 weeks. Tel 01484402256, good luck.

JudyJones Thu 24-Jul-08 23:02:55

I haven't checked this out but someone told me the Post Office insurance policy covers for more than just 26 weeks.

MrsSprat Sun 03-Aug-08 15:38:28

These people Direct Travel Insurance are good on pre-existing conditions. I used them at 32 pg and post c-section after I was formally discharged. They were really helpful on the phone and they also have a 24-hour nurse phone-line that you can call while away a la NHS Direct.

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