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Planning bug trip - advice please!

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clarita Thu 17-Jul-08 21:12:15

we're thinking of taking 2 little ones (they will be 1 and 2 respectively) to japan. husband speaks fluent japanese and used to live there. we'd be travelling around different places.

the main issue is this - accommodation/ evening meals - the kids normally go to sleep by 7pm in their cots, we've not tried getting them to sleep in the buggy in a restaurant in an evening or keeping them up late enough to eat out. i don't want to go half way round the world and end up staying in the hotel every evening because the kids are asleep! any ideas - or should we just leave it until they are older and can stay up later?

i've only been to toykyo for a few days so don't know what kinds of accommodation options there might be in japan - like baby listening etc.

southeastastra Thu 17-Jul-08 21:13:46

there are big bugs in japan

sounds fab though

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