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If you went on a flight with BA or Virgin between 11 Aug 04 and 23 MAr 06 look here

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DidIt Tue 15-Jul-08 09:03:31

this may be useful

lulalullabye Tue 15-Jul-08 09:13:01

Do you know how much you get as Dh and I flew twice to new york in that time !

DidIt Tue 15-Jul-08 12:41:35

dont know tbh

kama Tue 15-Jul-08 12:51:36

Message withdrawn

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 15-Jul-08 14:13:24

The lawsuit claims that BA and Virgin Atlantic unlawfully conspired to fix prices of fuel surcharges imposed on “long-haul” passenger fares.

Nagapie Tue 15-Jul-08 14:20:17

Basically you give up your right to claim or pursue this in court for a refund between £4 and £20 pounds ...

SNoraWotzThat Tue 15-Jul-08 14:31:54

Would you still know your flight number and ticket number? I don't think I would.

Automated information line: Call 0800 0430 343
Who repeated suggest you refer to the website or press 1 , 2 or 3 etc. But at least 0800 is free number.

SNoraWotzThat Tue 15-Jul-08 14:32:47

I bet the lawyers are making some money.

kama Tue 15-Jul-08 16:19:04

Message withdrawn

hockeypuck Tue 15-Jul-08 16:27:04

Ooooh thanks - We actually flew to NY with Virgin and South Africa with BA at that time (not been anywhere since!) so even £20 odd quid each total would be useful. Will look into it. Thank you!

ChopsTheDuck Tue 15-Jul-08 16:32:15

Is it a max of £20 no matter how many flights you had?
I only flew short haul with BA, but family have done long haul I think.

SNoraWotzThat Tue 15-Jul-08 16:42:36

If you google most site say you may possibly get between £4 and £20 per passenger per round-trip

Enraha Sun 20-Jul-08 23:00:35

I registered for this months ago, took several flights over the period, and haven't heard anything yet. Not holding my breath

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