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Iberostar Costa Dorada and First Choice flight upgrade

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tinkerbellchelle Sun 13-Jul-08 12:53:25

Just wondering if there are any families out there who have been to Iberostar Costa Dorada? We are thinking of going next June - has anyone been at this time of year.
Our son will be almost 4 when we go?

Also has anyone upgraded on either thomson or first choice on there flights? I know some people dont think children should be in this area but our DS has been to Cuba twice and as good as gold - I wondered if anyone has upgraded and think its worth it? My DP is 6ft 4ins so the comfort would be appreciated for him

Any tips etc on Dominican would be great and would be great to hear any recommendations from people who have been
Thank You x

tinkerbellchelle Sun 13-Jul-08 13:46:02

or the riu merengue x

hifi Sun 13-Jul-08 14:23:12

we have been twice to dm. first to gran ventana and second to grand palladium.
none of the hotels there are really 4 or 5*, most struggle to be a 3.
as its the caribbean you are likely to get showers most days, very brief though.
we went in april and it was quite wet.
as its cheap you do get quite a few chavvy families, all day drinking as all hotels are all inclusive.the language around the pool was shocking, all British.
the second hotel we went to mainly catered to germans and we did have a better time.
beautiful beaches, you are resort bound but we did venture out once, shocking poverty.
the food was pretty good.

make sure you take enough nappies, they are very expensive out there, it was £5 for a shower gel. i would take extra nappies ,wet wiped and re hydration salts. we were all sick while we were there, it seems to be the norm, dd was ill for 4 days.
we booked the premium seats, well worth it for the duration.

i left nearly all of dds clothes, toys and toiletries. we gave them to our favorite waitress, the second time we went i took a hold all of old clothes.they are all very poor even if they are working.

in the next 2 years there are about 50 proper luxury hotels being built as the country is now considered stable, would go again but in one of the new hotels.

tinkerbellchelle Sun 13-Jul-08 16:23:16

Thank you Will maybe have a mooch about and see what other hotels are about

kid Sun 13-Jul-08 20:33:27

We stayed in Melia Caribe in Dominican Republic in June and it was fantastic. It was a 5* and deserved everyone of those stars I think. I fully intend to return to the same hotel, it was just perfect!

We did have showers on most days but they lasted for about 5 minutes. We just sunbathed through them or went for a swim!

tinkerbellchelle Mon 14-Jul-08 09:41:00

thank you
Have looked at the Melia Caribe before and wondered did you stay in the " club " rooms? x or just standard

kid Mon 14-Jul-08 20:16:57

I stayed in the standard room, not the royal service part. I really don't think its worth the extra money to upgrade. The pools are so big, we didn't mind not being able to use the 'private royal service pool'. The beach also has a section for royal service customers, again there is no point as the beach is big enough for everyone.

I miss it there so much sad

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