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half-way around the world & alone with dd(8) & ds(4) , who has "behavioral problems"! help

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cariboo Fri 11-Jul-08 12:51:22

In less than 2 weeks, the 3 of us will be flying to Vancouver & now that ds' behavior can no longer be dismissed as 'terrible twos', I'm dreading it & need some ideas for getting through. I asked dh to try to upgrade us to economy plus or business with his air-miles but no seats available - probably just as well. TBH, feeling almost sick with worry.sad

cariboo Mon 14-Jul-08 13:15:20

still no replies?shock

chisigirl Mon 14-Jul-08 13:26:01

I've travelled quite a bit with DS1 and DS2 and am always surprised how it is so much easier than you think (dread!) it is going to be. My DS1 can be a little challenging (ahem) at times but I find that on a plane he is usually very good. I think it's partly because it is a novel experience for him, there are lots of things and people to look at and partly because he gets lots of pretty focussed attention for several hours!

ideas: tiny snacks (some of which you keep hidden ahead of time so it's a nice surprise), getting them to to pack their own toys, letting them choose their own magazines before they get on board (but not let them look at them until you're on the plane), walks around the cabin, bring books to read ("new" ones from second hand book shop or borrowed from friends)...

Oh, and definitely accept the glass of wine offered with the meal. I was pretty embarassed doing this as I felt I shouldn't really be drinking while in charge of the children. Then I looked around and saw another mum with 2 kids doing the same!

And if all else fails and it is a bad experience, keep muttering this to yourself: "This will all be over in x hours. I will never see these people again."

Good luck and try to enjoy it! grin

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