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anyone been to malaysia?

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sugarpear Wed 25-Jun-08 16:41:20

if so whats it like? dh is talking of a holiday there.

MrsSprat Wed 25-Jun-08 16:50:32

Very nice, a 'safe' exotic place to go IYKWIM. Something of everything there - dynamic cities, lovely beaches, jungle, mountains.

I've stayed in/around Kuala Lumpur a couple of times and I've been to Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo). Went there childless, but imagine it would be very doable with kids - clean, modern, reliable transport etc. And the best bit - cheap - you can stay in a 5 star hotel in KL for about £60 a night.

CaurnieBred Thu 26-Jun-08 12:44:47

We had 3 nights in Penang about 3 years ago when DD was 10 months old (stopover on way to Oz). Had a brilliant time. Hotel lovely; food great. Couldn't really go in the sea around there tho.


PortAndLemon Thu 26-Jun-08 12:47:52

We went to Pangkor Laut (island off the coast of peninsular Malaysia) and Sarawak (Malaysan Borneo) on honeymoon <<sigh>> and keep saying we must go back with the DCs when they are a bit older.

Louise2004 Thu 26-Jun-08 12:47:59

Malaysia must be my favourite country in the whole world! It's beautiful, the people are very friendly (they're also very good with children), the weather is great and, as MrsSprat says, there's something for everyone - beach, city, jungle, mountains, islands... Have a lovely holiday!

sugarpear Thu 26-Jun-08 13:03:30

wow thanks sounds like a great place to go! We are trying to do it alone without the kids so just waiting on mum for dates!

thankyou all

NicMac Thu 26-Jun-08 14:10:36

Langkawi is also beautiful, have been twice and I don't normally venture back anywhere more than once!

KillerStilettos Fri 11-Jul-08 21:18:30

ooh PortandLemon, we had the same honeymoon as you!

ihatebikerides Sun 13-Jul-08 15:44:00

Have done weekend break in KL, last year, followed by a week in Langkawi, and then this year, a week in Phuket (technically in Thailand, but similar). Fantastic, both.

suzywong Sun 13-Jul-08 15:59:25

Go to Kota Kinabalu, stay inthe Tanjung Aru or hte Pacific Satura 5 star resorts

Malaysia Truly Asia, it's fab

I'll hook you up with Mr Wong's cousins who will take you up West and treat you like a princess

Bumbleybee Sun 13-Jul-08 16:17:13

Malaysia is great, have been living here since Dec, food is gorgeous, beautiful beaches, people very friendly and almost everyone speaks English!

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