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Caribbean over summer hol's - worth taking risk re weather?

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pralinegirl Mon 16-Feb-09 22:11:41

How cloudy/wet would it be late July on average please? Also where to go for decent food but lovely beach?

peasoup Sun 01-Jun-08 23:17:55

Of course there's always the possibilty of hurricanes!

kiskideesameanoldmother Sun 01-Jun-08 23:16:45

barbados lies outside the regular hurricane belt.

other places, it depends on the month. the northern parts of the caribbean (cuba, bahamas dominican rep.) tend to get hit before the end of august.

further south, the threat is from Sept - nov.

peasoup Sun 01-Jun-08 23:10:25

There is no real "rainy season" out there; it rarely chucks it down all day every day. Usually quick bursts of really heavy rain which are quite exciting and lovely and warm and over very quickly anyway so not a prob. On the rare occasions it actually rains ALL day, most Antiguans take to their beds and make babies!!! grin
It won't ever be "miserable" weather like we get in the UK, so don't worry you'll be moping around in bad weather ruining your holiday. Swimming under lovely warm drops of rain is a fab way to spend time. I've been there many times over the summer months. Very quiet and very cheap accomodation. Go for it.

ScienceTeacher Sun 01-Jun-08 15:27:12

I've been to Jamaica in July. It was fine. One time we went, we did have a bit of rain, but only in the form of sharp showers - 10 minutes max.

PestoMonster Sun 01-Jun-08 15:25:34

Snora, it was, Grenada. Wanting to go back there soon, but haven't booked anything yet.

hifi Mon 26-May-08 12:08:59

we wnt to barbados in july, showers evry day but still hot and humid.

SNoraWotzThat Mon 26-May-08 11:55:37

As others have said - some rain, hot short bursts.
PestoMonster pic looks like it was taken in the Caribbean?

It will rain in Cornwall too, but only if you are on holiday there, like it did when I went, only a few days of course. I do love it though.

Joking aside, you may get some rain where ever you go, I think this is true? My sis lives in Spain which has had weeks of intermittent heavy rain and thunder storms over April and May. Whereas it's lovely here in north west today and we've only had 1 day of rain in about 2.5 weeks. Weather forecast here was for heavy rain today, no sign of it yet, blustery but clear.

Are you still reading? Anyway back to the op by Willow.

I wish I were a weather girl who could guarantee the weather, but you can't predict the weather anywhere, you just have to go with historic trends. And many folk travel happily throughout the year to the Caribbean with no sight of any rain. Would it put me off going there at the time you ask? No it wouldn't.

You just have to ask yourself "Is your holiday going to be ruined if you don't have 100% sunshine, every waking minute?" Is that what a family holiday means, or is it spending time and doing stuff together in a nice place that you'd like to visit.

I have to go and cut the grass now.

Pavlovthecat Mon 26-May-08 10:29:29

It will rain. Go to Cornwall.

willow Mon 26-May-08 10:26:07

Thanks for all this - Snora, am open to suggestion but possibly Barbados as lots of good deals for there. Just fancy a change of scene and it's so expensive to go to Europe at the moment that might as well go longhaul if prices compare favorably. Been to Caribbean in January a few times and it was gorgeous, but never in summer - hence the query Just don't fancy spending all day under a brolly!

Prufrock Sat 24-May-08 18:04:17

Yes - spent 6 weeks there last year. Weather is fine - make sure you have air-con. Hurricanes are a risk - we just missed one in Nevis but it just meant the beach was closed for 2 days. Rain occasionally but not a problem because it's warm - nothing beats swimming in the sea with big droplets of warm water plopping on you. We've done Barbados, Tobago, Nevis, Antigua, St Lucia and not had problems - plus it's significantly cheaper than in winter, and most hotels aren't full so you get even better service.

copycat Sat 24-May-08 17:28:28

We have been to Barbados and Antigua in the summer and we had rain on both islands but only the usual heavy tropical showers that didn't last too long. Somedays it didn't rain at all - or only in the evening. It was very humid in Barbados as I recall. Otherwise it was hot and sunny smile and great weather for swimming/sunbathing/boat trips etc. Suggest you check out the forums on Caribbean-on-Line

SNoraWotzThat Sat 24-May-08 13:16:55

Been there over UK Summer time ie: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
You may get some rain, usually hot short showers which are over very quickly. I would stay on southerly islands rather than cuba, dom rep, jamaica, mexico at those times, but that is my own preference.

I see this is a few days old, but Im in travel mode today, being nosey.

Willow where are you going to?

Pimmpom Fri 23-May-08 15:19:56

We chose Aruba as it lies outside the hurricane belt. Had 2 weeks with no rain smile

PestoMonster Thu 22-May-08 21:33:58

We go last week in August, first week in September and have the occasional heavy rain shower/half day of rain. Usually is just as hot as Caribbean in winter, maybe just a tad more humid. We have never encountered any hurricanes (fortunately).

willow Thu 22-May-08 18:16:52

OK, I know the official take on this, but who has been to Caribbean over summer hol's, where did you go and did it chuck it down?

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