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Anyone flown XL One to FLorida?

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Needamassage Thu 15-May-08 08:11:17

This is their "First Class" cabin.

This is probably the one and only time we could afford to do it.

It's £600 extra but that's between three of us.

It's the 45-50 inch seat pitch I am most interested in!

Anyone else flown in this cabin? Good value do you think?


AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 15-May-08 14:25:54

Read the reviews on of this particular airline.

Would suggest you use this money and pay instead for the three of you to use another airline - one that will actually take you into Orlando airport itself rather than Sanford (which is where XL fly to). BA and Virgin fly direct to Orlando.

Needamassage Thu 15-May-08 17:47:51

Oh no! Have booked it today. Doesn't sound great - at least we'll have a big of leg room for our mega delay [nervous laugh emoticon]

Needamassage Thu 15-May-08 17:48:29

bit not big...

CountessDracula Thu 15-May-08 17:56:40

I have flown with them to the Carribean several times and never been delayed!

XL one is fine but the seats don't recline that much

Needamassage Thu 15-May-08 18:07:32

Phew! Thank you CD.

I suppose people that have had bad experiences will be the first to post on airline review sites as they'll be pissed off and want to tell the world about their 27 day delay....

Libra1975 Mon 28-Jul-08 20:11:02

I have flown XL to the caribbean several times and always been very impressed with the service especially since they are so cheap compared with BA/Virgin etc.

Rubytoo Thu 11-Sep-08 21:50:05

I have flown to the caribbean several times with XL one and found them better than Virgin Premium economy!Gutted they're no longer flying there.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 12-Sep-08 07:04:26

I am really sorry to report this but XL last night went into Administration so they are no longer trading. All flights are now grounded.

Customer Helpline 0800 068 8991

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