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Bugaboo and long haul flight

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NZmama Thu 07-Feb-08 19:13:15

My husband and i are taking our four-month-old to New Zealand next week and wondering what to do with the pushchair. I have heard that you can take Bugaboos to the gate which would be great as i am travelling back from NZ with my baby alone...But Air New Zealand seemed to think i could only take an umbrella-style buggy as far as the gate. ANy advice welcome...also any tips on baby jetlag? I have heard horror stories...cheers

helenhismadwife Fri 08-Feb-08 09:38:15

I havent travelled that far but have travelled with a mountain buggy which I wheeled up to the steps of the plane. Sorry no tips on long haul flights sure someone else will have though, hope you have a lovely time

scottishmummy Fri 08-Feb-08 18:16:20

at check in get two tags attach one to bugaboo chassis, one to bugaboo transport bag (this is in case they get separated)

Wheel buggy through check-in, and when they call your flight put buggy in transport bag take to the gate. staff take it from you. you carry baby on

collect pram at baggage reclamation
i have only flown BA and easy jet cant comment on Air NZ

fiona76 Sat 09-Feb-08 09:19:20

Hi NZ mama- I'm also travelling with my 3 month old on the 22ndFeb to NZ. I'm a bit nervous but hope she will sleep lots. I'm flying singapore airways. I'm going to ring about what I can take. I'm not taking my buggy- my mum has borrowed one off someone while we are there. Where are you from? How long are you going home for?

jellies Sat 09-Feb-08 09:24:42

personally I wouldn't take a buggy you love or thet cost a lot of money on a flight the baggage handler throw them about! I've watched them trash my buzz and the compensation process is horrific dispite videoing it with my phone! I've now got a zapp that can go in the baggage compartment bins and the maxicosi car seat handy to have traveling anyway!

jellies Sat 09-Feb-08 09:25:30

Oh and that was bringing to the gate too

slinkiemalinki Fri 29-Feb-08 00:00:40

You may find this unhelpful but as someone who has taken a lot of long haul flights and is a huge Bugaboo fan I would say buy an umbrella fold (something decent like a maclaren techno XT) for travelling. It will make your life SO much easier and like someone else said, don't take a pram you love to be trashed by the handlers. Never been as far as NZ yet with my daughter but they will recover from jet lag... just get them back into routine as quickly as you can.
I have only been allowed to take buggy on board when travelling first class, not club or anything else, even if it would fit in the overhead lockers, so don't bank on it!

nappyaddict Fri 29-Feb-08 01:51:03

i took a mutsy to the gate when we flew with monarch. just make sure the value of it is covered on your house insurance.

Aquasea Fri 29-Feb-08 05:56:20

We took our bugaboo to the gate when flying from London to Sydney when DS was 6 months old. No problem. Staff were great. I do think it depends a bit on who checks you in. If they do insist you check it in then you can always borrow one of the airport buggys just to use before you board the plane. OK, they're not bugaboos and your LO will have to slum it for a bit grin but it is an option. We have flown a LOT with our bugaboo and have never had any problems with it being damaged or mistreated. With regards to jetlag, I wouldn't worry about it. It is a bit tricky for a few days but I was surprised just how quickly my DS adjusts to new time frames. I expected it to be much harder. Just don't let your LO sleep all day or anything.

ratbunny Fri 29-Feb-08 07:05:42

I was wondering about this as well, as we are planning on taking our mountain buggy (we can't afford to get a different buggy just for the week, and ds sleeps well in it too) up to the gates.
so bump for more stories.

KT12 Sat 01-Mar-08 18:29:14

We travel loads so did get a quinny zapp as second buggy. DH simply carries it on board folded up as it is so small and light and easily fits into overhead lockers. It's a real pain to have to walk miles carrying the little one at the other end to get buggy at baggage reclaim.

You could pick up a zapp on e-bay.

As for jet lag - we took DD to Hong Kong when she was 4 months - she had no probs with jet lag and copped far better than I did.

Enjoy your trip.

barbara3 Mon 03-Mar-08 12:48:28

I flew to sa recently and found a baby bjorn indespensible. I also used a maclaren techno whih was fab. You need a tag to get it from the aircraft on landing. I find all airports and airlines do different things. They all do treat your buggy with no respect. Wrap all your spare clothes and nappys in a plastic bag - i had water leak on some of mine and it is a nightmare. younger children travel well in my experience and adapt far easier than older ones provided they are ell fed. try to secure a bassinet.... the airlines are a nightmare and never guarentee them. hence i flew to and from sa withoiut one and the person who had one had a 2 yr old. I also took my grobag on board and it hlps with the sleeping. goo luck and hope it all goes well x

nappyaddict Mon 03-Mar-08 13:25:02

agree that some sort of sling is essential cos even if you take the buggy to the gate when you arrive you will have to walk to baggage reclaim and that can take ages.

Indith Mon 03-Mar-08 13:31:39

Only done short flights but I had no problem checking a chassis with a carseat on it in as a single pushchair. Took it right to the steps of the plane and folded it down then. IME they simply ask if it folds down in one or two parts and give you the right number of tags.

Oh and don't forget that although the baby's hold luggage comes under your limits they do get their own carry on bag so you can take stuff like their usual sleeping kit etc on the plane if you think it will help.

baffledmum Mon 03-Mar-08 13:35:52

Have been all over the world with my Bugaboo, using low cost as well as traditional carriers. I always ask for "fragile" tags and I have always been able to take it to the gate. I take the bumper bar, bag and hood off it (they go in the cases). Never had any problems with damage - on one occasion I saw the Bugaboo in 1st class on a seat while we were in economy!

Both children adjusted easily to the new time zones, assuming that their feeds were also managed accordingly.

Have a great time - enjoy it!!!

Sunshinemummy Mon 03-Mar-08 13:39:12

I've also taken my Bugaboo on loads of flights with no problems and am planning on taking it to San Fran next week. Only PITA is going through security when you're alone, as you have to dismantle the buggy to go through the scanner. Everything else has been fine and have had no problems taking it to the gate.

nappyaddict Mon 03-Mar-08 13:40:04

never asked for fragile stickers before. maybe i will try that next time.

Chiqita Wed 05-Mar-08 14:21:46

Anybody had experience with Iberia and the pushchair transportation? We are going to Chile with them for our first vacation with our 5m-o and I am really worried about everything but one of the questions was whether to take our Bugaboo with us or to buy a cheaper and lighter stroller. Mind you the Bugaboo travel bag (which we don't have yet) costs the same as a cheaper maclaren, so really not sure what to do. My husband though is convinced they return the pushchair to you when you get out of the plane, not in the baggage reclaim - is this true?
baffledmum - what did you do with the bumper bar, bag and hood, just took it off and packed in the same transport bag?

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Mar-08 14:24:54

we took our mountain buggy on lots of flights, & always took it all the way to the aircraft. got back at baggage reclaim unfortunately.

Chiqita Wed 05-Mar-08 14:35:04

Thanks hoxtonchick! Do you wrap it up or not..? Not sure i want to cough up £90 for a Bugaboo bag.

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Mar-08 15:21:03

never used a travel bag. 90 quid shock - don't bother!

cmotdibbler Wed 05-Mar-08 15:32:56

Some will give it back to you at the door, some at baggage reclaim - just deppends.

A sling is really useful as you'll have it at stopovers, and makes getting on the plane etc much easier. Also less hassle at security when on your own

baffledmum Fri 07-Mar-08 13:20:00

Hi Chiquita, I'm with hoxtonchick on this one - don't bother with the transport bag! i put the bumper bar, hood & bag into my suitcase & just put the frame and the basic seat into the hold.

Piglett Sat 08-Mar-08 20:17:43

I agree about the sling. Took bugaboo away a couple of times and was terrified about breakages - but it was fine. Even now take my ring sling for DS (2.2 and heavy!) when travelling as agree it is essential as even if you have taken your buggy to the plane you find it comes out on the baggage carousel which in some airports is a hike!

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Sat 08-Mar-08 20:28:03

Oooh - glad I clicked on this. We are taking baby boy (19 months) to Cyprus over Easter, and we have a Bugaboo. Don't want to get it damaged as happened to a friend of mine.

Mr. GoodBits isn't keen on getting another buggy, and to be honest we will only use it a couple of times a year when travelling. So will take the advice of getting fragile tags to stick on both pieces as I don't want to fork out for the travel bag. And also take off the extra paraphenalia bits too.

I have a hip-seat to carry baby boy as and when needed. Thanks! grin

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