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Travelling to Morocco with baby and toddler

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EmilyBronte Sat 29-Dec-07 19:42:16

Not sure if this should be in the longhaul or shorthaul section, but has anyone been to Morocco with little ones? I'm thinking of going at Easter when DD will be almost 2 and DS 5 months. Can anyone recommend places to stay, places to go, how to get around, whether it's a good idea etc.

mm22bys Mon 31-Dec-07 22:30:46

Hi Eb, I am just back from 5 days in Marrakesh with a 3 year old and a 13 month old. You will be fine. It is very safe, but you will need to watch the narrow streets in the old town round the medina with your little ones - the Marrakeshis love their motorbikes!

We stayed in a riad in the old town and it was lovely, our room was very big, with a lovely 4 poster bed, a separate bed for our DS1, and a travel cot for DS2. It was very calm and relaxing after the madness of the souks.

We went to the souks, once again very safe but watch the bikes, the market sellers will try to charge too much (aka rip you off) but you always have the power to walk away and go somewhere else.

I didn't feel threatened, but it was cool enough to wear jeans a long sleeve shirt so I was reasonably well covered up. It is very touristy though, and lots of people take babies / young children, so you won't stick out.

DS1 was old enough to walk everywhere, and we had DS2 is a Baby Bjorn, but there were lots of people with buggies.

With regards to change facilities, I changed DS2 on my lap in the toilets of restaurants in the main square, and we took sterilising tablets for his bottles.

All in all I would recommend it. The Marrakeshis love children, and you will be safe there.

All the best,

mm22bys Mon 31-Dec-07 22:32:55

Oh how to get round - we walked (and walked and walked) and got taxis (picked up from the street). They are supposed to be metered, but most weren't so we just agreed a price before we got in (or actually set off).

We didn't worry about baby seats for taxi rides shock

LouiseLayla Sun 06-Jan-08 21:27:51

i'm also trying to book a much needed trip to Morocco with my 10month old baby . Does any one have the name of a cheapish riad in Marrakech that is clean and baby friendly? Where did you stay ?
Also thinking of getting bus to Essaouira to stay few days ,Good idea????
would be greatful for Any more tips, Thanks

Islamum Sun 06-Jan-08 21:34:38

Went before we had kids but LOVED Essaouira, very chilled and relaxing, didn't get hassled, very pretty. Avoid Agadir at all costs, full of brits and germans, no character, you may as well be in benidorm

HollyCat Tue 15-Jan-08 15:37:50

We stayed at Riad Fawakay in the Medina with our 4 month old for 6 days and absolutely loved it. It was great to have the whole Riad to ourselves, and there was a fantastic cook who would cook dinner if you didn't want to go out in the evenings. In fact, her food was so good, we ended up staying in at night more than we went out.
It's not cheap, but in our view worth the cost for peace of mind and baby-friendliness (as many Riads won't accept babies for fear of disturbing other guests).

slim22 Fri 18-Jan-08 09:29:06

Second all that's been said.
Marrakesh and Essaouira very nice. Agadir Awful.

LouiseLayla, roads are not very safe. I would not do that trip by bus. Hire a big taxi ("grand taxi"=mercedez benz). Not expensive for UK standards. It's about 2 - 3 hours scenic drive.

Can be tricky to use a stroller ( pblms crossing roads and narrow streets in medina). Baby carrier much better.

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 13:16:14

Hello, I'm off to marrakech for 3 weeks as husband going to work there - did any of you guys give your dd's the hepitatis a vaccine, my gp said i should but it seems a lot of people don't bother .... thank you...

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