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Orlando Dec 2020

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mrshoho Sun 23-Aug-20 09:55:11

How likely is it that virgin flights/holidays to Orlando will resume in December 2020? I know I know who the hell knows what will happen! At the moment the CDC has not given approval for flights arriving from Heathrow to MCO Orlando and this is the airport Virgin has switched to from Gatwick? Also there is still a travel ban on travellers from the UK. Would you risk paying the balance in September to avoid losing your deposit?

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AlwaysCheddar Mon 24-Aug-20 06:40:02

You cAnt travel to USA At the moment but who knows what will happen by Christmas. Not paying your balance - depends on who you booked with as to what happens.

Youneverknowwhatyourgonnaget Mon 24-Aug-20 06:46:05

I have an holiday to Orlando with virgin this October. I booked it May last year so before this all happened. I paid the balance and am going with the idea that if I can go I will! If they cancel I don’t want my money back anyway I want the holiday I have had planned. Hate the uncertainty tho do you plan as though your going? buy new clothes etc I just have no idea! I’m secretly hoping it will be cancelled and changed to next year!

NewIdeasToday Mon 24-Aug-20 06:49:07

Florida has many cases of Covid19 unfortunately. Would you be able to get travel insurance, even if some flights are running by then?

FelicityPike Mon 24-Aug-20 06:53:13

I think you also need to consider that this will be just after the US Presidential elections. If Trump (hopefully) loses, he’s not going to go quietly and I think the period between the election in November and the inauguration in January could be a very fraught time.

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 07:19:38

I don't want to go at all. Shame as we were so excited this time last year. We've had a tough time with covid as dh couldn't work for 6 months and money is tight. We can try to change the dates but it's unlikely we'll have a date that suits everyone, It's not the end of the world but the deposit paid could be well used for other things now.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 24-Aug-20 07:24:57

I would read their terms and conditions; they will likely take your money all too readily but you may have to wait some considerable time to get it refunded.

It is sadly highly unlikely you'll be there in December also because of the ongoing travel ban on British and European citizens using their ESTA visa waiver scheme.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 24-Aug-20 07:25:49

I would approach them now for a refund of all money paid to date. Did you also pay by credit card, if so this gives more legal protection.

crosser62 Mon 24-Aug-20 07:31:00

As you rightly say, it’s all so uncertain.
From another angle though if you were planning on visiting your parks my big worry would be how they are enforcing social distancing amongst the thousands upon thousands of visitors at each park each day.
Masks can only protect so much, it’s the distancing that protects more.
It’s a complete people soup, we were noses to the back of people’s heads for the majority of our visit in February this year. 2-3 hour queues for rides, absolutely horrendous.

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 07:57:30

Crossed, yes I don't think it would be enjoyable at all. We've been talking about taking the kids to Disney Florida for so many years but for one reason or another have never got there and my eldest is almost 16 now! Me and dh went before children and loved it then but I couldn't imagine being there now.

We paid by credit card but unless Virgin make a significant change or cancel we can't do a charge back. Virgin changed our airport from Gatwick to Heathrow but that is not classed as a major change. I'm almost 99% certain it will be cancelled but they have up to 3 weeks before the travel date to notify us. The way our luck goes though is we would pay the balance and Suddenly Trump opens everything up! The payment is due 24th September but the more I think about it we'll just not pay and forego the money already paid. Hate the though of giving Branson money for nothing though!

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Youneverknowwhatyourgonnaget Mon 24-Aug-20 09:20:19

You can’t even talk to virgin which is a shame but understandable. They are doing it by date of people leaving. The hotel I have booked has already said it’s staying closed till nx year so god knows what that means for meconfused we have taken our kids quite a few times so I would be happy to go because we don’t need all the magic but I was taking them for the first time like you I wouldn’t want to go at all they just wouldn’t get the right experience!! Can’t you manage your booking online and change till nx year giving you an extra year to save? What a rubbish year this has beensad

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 10:30:58

Oh yes @Youneverknowwhatyourgonnaget I've not even attempted to contact Virgin as I've seen the difficulties people are having with trying to get refunds on the holidays that have already been cancelled. Yes we could manage the booking and change but the new prices are much higher and also it will be difficult to book a suitable date. We could just rebook something for now and just forget about it as no further payments would be needed til next year. This was to be our once in a lifetime and booked bubble seats etc. Weve paid for these extras upfront but as the plane has been changed we've been allocated random seats and no sign of any refund as yet. Yes it's a rubbish time but in the great big scheme I know this is really a minor problem.

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GoBackToPartyCity Mon 24-Aug-20 10:33:17

We’re in the same situation but flying in November. If you’re on Facebook I’d recommend joining the ‘virgin no refund support group’. There’s loads of helpful advice on there along with current contact details for Virgin.

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 10:37:17

Thanks I'll look and join that group.

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hippohector Mon 24-Aug-20 11:28:29

We booked and paid in full for our Virgin flights last November. We were due to fly at the beginning of August but obviously that didn’t happen.
We are still awaiting our refund and have been told that Virgin are taking four months plus (from date of planned travel) to refund customers.
It’s disgusting. They will have had our money for over a year. They cancelled the flights!

Also I would be wary about the change of airport. Virgin have pulled out of Gatwick and transferred flights to Heathrow - but do they even officially have the take off/landing slots yet?

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 11:52:41

Sorry to hear that hippohector. They really are dragging out the refunds. I believe they are trying to finalise a massive credit rescue package but hard to know what way it will go. At least we know if they go under we're covered by ATOL.

With regard to the flights I believe the Heathrow slots are confirmed but the USA CDC (I think they are the equivalent to our soon to be changed PHE) only allow certain US airports to accept international flights from Heathrow and MCO Orlando is not currently one of these. When I looked it just says awaiting approval. Weirdly they can accept flights from Gatwick. I just wished they could all confirm what the situation is going to be for the remainder of 2020 as at least we'd know one way or the other.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 24-Aug-20 12:37:02

There are now 15 airports that Americans returning from all restricted countries will now be required to travel through. Orlando is not one of them. (BTW this decision has nothing to do with the CDC; this was decided by the Department of Homeland Security).

TBH I cannot see you or for that matter any UK or European citizen being able to travel to the US for the rest of this year and perhaps for the next either sad. Mr Trump is too busy campaigning to be re-elected than to worry about lifting any travel ban he imposed.

notheragain4 Mon 24-Aug-20 12:37:56

On the DIBB people have said their BA flights have started to get cancelled for October.

mrshoho Mon 24-Aug-20 13:15:28

Thanks Atilla, I'm sure you are right. I just don't know if it's worth taking the minute risk of waiting for them to cancel and getting a full refund. We're about £1500 down now but if we pay the balance it's a lot more to lose if by chance they decide to open up. Nearer the time the balance is due I'll try and speak to Virgin as I've looked on the fb page as there may be a way to delay the balance payment.

Yes Northern BA seem to be a month quicker than Virgin with their decisions.

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