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How will trip to Oz affect baby's sleep?

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becsta1 Tue 02-Oct-07 15:03:39

Off to Australia next week with 11 week old. He wakes for one feed at about 2.30am at the moment. Any tips for helping him adjust to Aussie time?

RuthChan Wed 03-Oct-07 01:02:21

I travelled between Japan (same time zone as Oz) and the UK with my DD when she was 4 months old.
At that time she too was waking once or twice a night for drinks.
I found that her sleep was disturbed for a few nights after arrival, but it seemed to be more by the journey and the change of environment than the time difference itself.
I tried to be patient and give her as much BF, cuddling and attention as she needed to feel safe and comfortable. After a few days she settled down.

At such a young age babies seem to be less disturbed by time changes than when they get a little older. (I have recently had a nightmare by doing the same journey again with DD at 10 months) Small babies seem more able to sleep when they need to and therefore recover and adjust quicker.

In general though, one thing that will help both of you to adjust is to make sure that you get out into the sunshine in the first couple of days after arrival. Natural daylight is important for resetting your body clock.
Also, be sure that you both stay well hydrated both during and after your journey.

becsta1 Wed 03-Oct-07 11:05:03

Thanks for the tips RuthChan.

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