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Anyone used loveholidays?

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MyGhastIsFlabbered Sun 28-Jun-20 20:15:41

They are very cheap compared to most and reviews are generally favourable, but I'm very wary of booking with a less well known company (though Thomson springs to mind).

We're looking at a Dominican Republic honeymoon next March

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Gunpowder Sun 28-Jun-20 20:17:23

I have once before! They were completely fine. Nothing went wrong though so I didn’t need to contact them about anything if that makes sense.

Someaddedsugar Sun 28-Jun-20 20:22:53

I've used them on a number of occasions and every time they have been amazing.

We had an issue with a holiday we booked to Cape Verde (booked through Love Holidays but it was a discounted Tui package) as the hotel we were due to stay in was meant to be 5* but also had a 3* partner hotel on site, and somehow we were allocated to the 3* location despite paying the 5* price.

Love Holidays were fab and dealt with the entire issue on our behalf, and even got us compensation for the hassle. They also spoke to Tui and asked them to upgrade our stay to the premium stay (one of those package holidays where you have to pay for the 'premium' brands).

Personally wouldn't recommend the hotel to anyone but I'd definitely recommend LH for their service and customer experience.

GoGold Sun 28-Jun-20 20:32:50

Yes and everything went smoothly. Good price and they tried to help with a separate issue I had. I would recommend.

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