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Egypt, sharm el sheikh

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fairy23 Sat 22-Sep-07 18:58:25

just booked crowne plaza hotel for 7 days in Nov,
never been to this place b4 and going with DH and DD 16mths old,
any tips for the travelling and what to take nd what I can get there. should I take the car seat?

artichokes Sat 22-Sep-07 19:10:09

Don't know that hotel but have been to Sharm at that type of year. I went as a SCUBA diver and that is the big attraction of the destination - the reefs are fab. Otherwise there is not a huge amount of stuff to see so it will mainly be a pool side holiday.

The flight is not too long and the airport is near the town. Egyptian roads are lawless territories so I would take a car seat. Take loads of sun block as it will be boiling from about 10-4pm then really quite nippy in the evening.

There are little supermarkets in the town for nappies etc but probably not English brands. Mainly it is tourist shops.

Have fun and try to dive or snorkel at least once (and take DD on a glass bottom boat over the reef).

artichokes Sat 22-Sep-07 19:11:04

"time of year" not "type of year" blush

MrsBadger Sat 22-Sep-07 19:20:47

remember it's a muslim country
bikini fine by the pool but you will be treated better in town in a shirt and a long skirt

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