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June 2021 where shall we go

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paap1975 Mon 06-Jul-20 15:55:17

I believe hurricane season runs from 1 June to 1 November.
That being said, your chances of actually encountering a hurricane are pretty slim.
If you want to be out of the hurricane zone, then you could go for the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao)

Cantdecidewhich Sun 07-Jun-20 08:18:07

We are just looking at Mexico for next June, never thought it would appeal to us but actually looks really good. Tui have some good deals at the moment.

SJaneS48 Fri 05-Jun-20 07:29:41

Not sure why Green is in caps!

SJaneS48 Fri 05-Jun-20 07:29:01

I’d second Koala’s Costa Rica suggestion if DH is persuadable? What is DH anxious about? Yes we had more rain but it was very lushly Green in summer (and a lot cheaper then too!). Beautiful country with amazing wildlife and we felt very safe.

I’ve never been to the Caribbean in June - my super quick google showed the opposite, that June was a good month to go (picture attached). But as above, it’s not a time of year I’ve experience of going in! The reason I liked Cuba was that it really wasn’t a lay on the beach sipping cocktails holiday - Havana was vibrant, visually very attractive and full of history. Horses for courses though!

billybagpuss Thu 04-Jun-20 20:51:54

Ooh thank you, I thought September was the month to avoid for hurricanes, but a quick google show June as a close second.

I think Africa might be a good option, we did Kenya last year so I’d very happily go and explore a different part. And I love whales and would actually like to do a shark dive .

I fancy Costa Rica but DH has a tendency towards anxiety, it took a lot of persuading and reassuring to do Kenya but he loved it so I think SA might be an easier sell, although he does worry about me swimming with things that might eat me.

We should be covered with virgin should anything happen.

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KoalasandRabbit Thu 04-Jun-20 16:45:41

Think that's hurricane season in Carribean though people do go then. I've been to Martinique and St Lucia and Cuba, preferred Martinique to St Lucia and disliked Cuba.

Carribean holiday would be quite different to a South African holiday I would have thought. I preferred South Africa due to wildlife but it won't be that hot in June if hot weather is important to you. Our Carribean holiday was watersports, rum places, a few botantical gardens, also lovely beaches but a very slow pace of life. Whereas South Africa was more out to see wildlife, botantical gardens, Table Mountain, penguins on beach, big 5, a lot more active - think there's whales in June.

Costa Rica might be a good option for inbetween the two, its the start of their rainy season but temperature is about 28C and it'll just be a couple of hours rain a day or so (which is nice to watch rainforest in) you can work round. That's got wildlife and beaches though on the wildside.

Are you protected if Virgin goes under, presume it comes under ATOL.

SJaneS48 Tue 02-Jun-20 19:45:05

:-) if you can, I would! Might give you more options!

billybagpuss Tue 02-Jun-20 19:17:12

Thank you, I did wonder about Tobago it looks interesting, our kids are adults and were going to come with us (dd and bf) but they’ve just got engaged so I think will probably just be 2 of us, I should do half term really as I’m a peri teacher, but might miss a week of school to keep the price down.

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SJaneS48 Tue 02-Jun-20 16:19:46

That must be frustrating! Will that be half term week?

I’ve never been to South Africa but we did look at going one summer and it’s their winter so it’s colder, particularly in the Cape. I guess I’d look at their location itinerary and then look at the weather in that area in June to make a call on it.

June is supposedly a good month to go to the Caribbean. Other people will be able to offer better insight as I’ve only been to 4 islands. If you’ve not got your kids with you, Cuba is a really interesting and vibrant place (although avoid Varadero if you don’t like long stretches of AI hotels & want a bit of culture). Havana is really interesting and very attractive city. In terms of other islands, Tobago is very pretty and delivers on expectations of laid back beaches and lush countryside. Depends on what you’re looking to do & how you like spending your time really.

Good luck!

billybagpuss Tue 02-Jun-20 14:34:41

Yes fair enough it’s a big ask, but I’m getting so confused

So far options seem to be:
Caribbean I’d appreciate some input on the various islands as I’ve never been and we want relaxing areas, happy to have activities but we don’t want party resorts.

Or South Africa

I don’t really care where we go as it will pretty much be covered by this years money

The site is unpredictable at the moment too one minute it will give loads of options then say no availability at all.

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SJaneS48 Tue 02-Jun-20 11:41:21

So that we don’t have to go on the Virgin site and price up options, what are your choices in this price bracket?

billybagpuss Sat 30-May-20 16:14:51

We were originally due to do a west coast USA road trip ending in Las Vegas in July this year.

Our balance was due, we could not get through to virgin so using their text service we cancelled accepting the loss of the deposit as I didn’t want to run the risk of actually having to go.

We’ve now had an email asking us to complete a form if we’d rather reschedule or change the original booking rather than have a refund of the extra payment on top of the deposit that we’d paid towards it.

I think we will probably still pursue the refund, but if we rebook with them we won’t (I don’t think) lose the original deposit.

So where with Virgin holidays would you go for a week in June, Max £2k per person?

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